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AirTouch Communications, Bell Atlantic, NYNEX, U S WEST and
PCS PrimeCo Partnership to Leverage Strong Regional Brands with
Common National Service Platform

New Name Also Announced for PCS PrimeCo

Furthering its commitment to bring high-value, nationally branded
wireless services to customers across the United States, the alliance
of AirTouch Communications [NYSE: ATI], Bell Atlantic [NYSE: BEL],
NYNEX [NYSE: NYN], U S WEST Media Group [NYSE: UMG], and its jointly
owned PCS partnership, PCS PrimeCo, L.P. today announced plans to
market two families of wireless services under two common brands from
coast to coast.

The alliance also announced that PCS PrimeCo has adopted a new company
name -- PrimeCo Personal Communications, L.P. -- and will market the
alliance wireless services under that company name later this year in
11 U.S. markets, to complement its affiliates' existing cellular

"To maintain strong growth in the increasingly competitive wireless
industry, we will offer consumer-friendly products and services under
recognizable national brands," said "http://www.ba.com/homes/babbio.html">Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr., Bell
Atlantic vice chairman, and chairman of the alliance's committee that
created the brand strategy.

"The partners have agreed to a branding strategy that will help
our wireless alliance succeeds on the national playing field, and well
ahead of our scheduled launch of PCS services later this year,"

"By pursuing a common service brand strategy in conjunction with our
very strong regional brands, we now have a platform to launch wireless
services nationwide," said "http://www.ba.com/homes/strigl.html">Denny Strigl, president and CEO
of Bell
Atlantic NYNEX Mobile. "At the same time, our customers will
from wireless packages that are tailored to their local needs, yet
offered nationally."

The alliance will market a family of wireless services, under two
umbrella service categories -- TalkAlong(sm) and

The TalkAlong services are designed to be primarily mass market,
entry-level services, and will be increasingly distributed by
convenient mass-market retailers such as drug, grocery and discount
stores, where consumers routinely shop. Since the alliance cellular
companies introduced the TalkAlong line last year, over 500,000
customers have signed up for the service, which is available in more
than 1,000 retail sites.

The PowerBand service line will provide enhanced wireless services to
meet the needs of consumers and business customers who seek more fully
featured offerings, and will include a choice of value-added services
such as Caller ID, Short Messaging and Voice Activated Dialing. Both
service brands would be used in conjunction with the partners'
individual wireless company corporate names.

"The growth potential of the TalkAlong and PowerBand services is
enormous -- our alliance has the scope and scale to make these brands
the most powerful in the industry," said Lee Cox, vice chairman of
AirTouch Communications and chairman of the Wireless Management
Company that provides support services to AirTouch Cellular and U S
WEST Cellular. "This strategy gives us the best of both worlds --
ability to capitalize on national retail distribution and scale
efficiencies, while leveraging our strong local brand equity

The alliance's brand strategy will provide the flexibility to create
nationally recognized services, that can be simultaneously tailored to
meet local customer needs or respond to local competitive dynamics.

"The PrimeCo Personal Communications company name is a one-two punch
in the brand arena, because it fortifies the already well-known
PrimeCo name by describing the service we will provide," said Ben
Scott, president and CEO of PrimeCo Personal Communications. "Our
service names clearly signal the high level of control and versatility
our products will provide in terms of the basic and advanced features
our digital network can offer. The national service brands also will
give us a powerful jump start when we enter the market this fall, and
will help customers understand that PrimeCo's networks ultimately will
work seamlessly with our owners' cellular networks, nationwide."

The four-way wireless alliance was formed by AirTouch Communications,
Bell Atlantic, NYNEX and U S WEST in October, 1994 to create the
broadest market coverage in the industry. The partners formed PCS
PrimeCo, which successfully bid $1.1 billion for new PCS licenses in
11 major cities, and will launch service later this year. Combined,
the wireless alliance players serve nearly seven million domestic
customers, operate in 19 of the top 20 U.S. markets, and cover a
population base of nearly 170 million in 46 states and the District of


for more information, contact:

    AirTouch, Amy Damianakes, (510) 210-3645

    PCS PrimeCo, Stacey Mironov, (817) 258-1531

    Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile, Nancy Stark, (908) 306-6762

    Bell Atlantic Enterprises Int'l, Brian Wood, (215) 963-6204

    U S WEST Media Group, Lisa Bowersock, 206-603-7427

    NYNEX, Maureen Flanagan, 212-395-0500