New NYNEX Bills Offer Customers Easy Reading

January 8, 1996

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New NYNEX Bills Offer Customers Easy Readingsize>

BUFFALO, NY -- Beginning this month, NYNEX will offer its residence
customers some easy reading.

NYNEX's Buffalo-area customers will be the first to receive a
redesignedhome telephone bill which is easier to read and understand.
On the first page of the bill, consumers will find answers to
the most commonly asked billing questions. In addition, NYNEX
will continue to conserve paper by printing information on both
sides of bill pages, while the return envelope is made of recycled
telephone directories.

About half a million NYNEX customers in the Buffalo area will
begin receiving the redesigned bills, which have a distinctive
blue paper, during the first billing cycle this month. The rest
of NYNEX's 11 million residence customers in New York and New
England will receive the new bills by April.

In all, NYNEX expects to send more than 100 million of the new
bills to its customers in the Northeast in 1996.

"We designed this new bill to be friendly to both the consumer
and the environment," said Sue Yezzi, the NYNEX assistant
vice president for Customer Billing. "We took the mystery
out of your phone bills." With the new bill, customers will
know at a glance whether payments or adjustments have been received,
whether there's an overdue balance, the total bill and due date,
and how to reach NYNEX by phone.

In addition, all recurring monthly charges for telephone services,
as well as all taxes and surcharges, will be itemized.

Changes are explained in detail in inserts that will accompany
each customer's first new bill. There also will be an automated
informationline that customers can call to get a more detailed
explanation of the new bill. There is a toll-free number for voice
(1-800-214-5088) and a TTY/TDD number (1-800-215-6238) for the
hearing impaired.

Said Yezzi, "We've conducted extensive research, and the
bottom line is that customers find the new NYNEX bills simpler
and easier to understand. The bill is better organized and contains
more helpful information than ever before. This new bill is just
a small part of what NYNEX is doing to improve service for our

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