NYNEX Call ID Deluxe Lets You See Names

November 29, 1995

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NYNEX Call ID Deluxe Lets You See Names

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY -- Have you ever wished you could see the name

of the person calling you? Beginning Dec. 2, NYNEX will introduce

a deluxe version of its Call ID service that displays the number

and name associated with an incoming call.

Call ID Deluxe is one of five new PhoneSmart(R) products being

introduced in Dutchess, Orange, Sullivan, and Ulster counties

Dec. 2. These products will be made available throughout NYNEX's New York State service area during 1996.

Call ID Deluxe is priced at $7.50/month for residential customers

and $9.50/month for business customers, $1/month more than regular

Call ID, which provides the calling-party number only.

The other new services being introduced along with Call ID Deluxe


Call Manager - Allows customers who are on the phone and

who have Call Waiting and Call ID to:

> Forward an incoming call to Call Answering. NYNEX Call

Answering service is required;

>Bridge the incoming call into the current conversation.

Three-way Calling is not required;

>Send the call to an announcement that says the person you're

trying to reach is on the phone, and to please hold;

>Drop either of the two calls.

Call Manager Deluxe - allows customers who are on the phone,

and who have Call Waiting and Call ID Deluxe to see the name associated with the incoming

call and use all of the call management features available with

Call Manager.

Call Waiting ID - Allows Call Waiting customers to receive

Call ID information (number only) for a new incoming call.

Call Waiting ID Deluxe - Provides the phone number and

name of the calling party to Call Waiting customers, along with the phone number.

Customers who want to prevent Call ID Deluxe from displaying their

name and number can use one of two options. Per Call Restrict

is provided automatically at no charge to all customers in areas

where PhoneSmart(R) features are available. Per Call Restrict

prevents the display of both a caller's name and number by dialing

*67 (1167 rotary) before the number.

All Call Restrict, also available at no charge, prevents the display

of a caller's name and number automatically. All Call Restrict

customers can allow their number to be displayed by dialing *82

(1182 rotary) before the phone number. All Call Restrict customers

must call NYNEX and have this feature removed in order to allow

the display of their number and name. There may be a one-time

$5.00 fee charged to customers who switch between Per Call Restrict

and All Call Restrict.

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