NYNEX Completes Region's Digital Network

Dec. 2, 1996

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NYNEX Completes Region's Digital Network

From Claverack to the Canadian

border, New York's northeast region is going


On Saturday, Dec. 7, NYNEX will activate a $6.5

million state-of-the-art digital switching system for its

customers in Schenectady, Scotia and parts of Glenville.

This new switch in the Clinton Street central office is the

final link in NYNEX's digital network serving the 518 area

code. The region stretches south to portions of Dutchess

County and north to Clinton County and the Canadian border.

A total of 96 NYNEX switching centers provide service to

customers in the region.

The local exchanges included in the Clinton Street

switch modernization project are: 346, 347, 370, 372, 374,

377, 381, 382, 386, 387, 393 and 395.

When combined with the region's more than 100,000

miles of optical fiber -- the pipeline for rapid,

high-volume transmission of voice, data and video messages

-- and a vast array of new business and residential

services, NYNEX's digital switching provides more than half

a million northeastern New York customers with one of the

most advanced telecommunications networks in the world.

"Completion of the Schenectady project is a major

milestone for NYNEX," said Lee Brathwaite, vice president

and general manager of operations for NYNEX's northeast and

midstate regions. "The northeast becomes the largest region

in the state to have a fully digital switching system and

the effort reflects NYNEX's commitment to its customers in

the Capital District and the entire 518 area.

"But, this doesn't mean our work is done," he added.

"Over the next several years, NYNEX and its employees will

continue to build on our $1.6 billion investment in this

region, including an additional expenditure of more than

$103 million in 1997."

The Schenectady digital switching center includes

about 61,000 business and residential customer lines serving

Schenectady, Scotia and parts of Glenville. Included in the

new features and services to become available in these

communities are ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network),

PhoneSmart and Digital Centrex. ISDN allows customers to

transmit and receive video, voice and data simultaneously

over a single telephone line at rates significantly faster

than conventional computer modems.

In addition, digital switching is the backbone for

other NYNEX services, such as telemedicine and distance


(Customers with Call Forwarding or Speed Calling may

have to reprogram the telephone number to which their line

is forwarded and/or re-enter their list of Speed Calling

numbers, after the new switch is activated. Also, business

customers with their own internal switching systems or PBXs

should consult their telecommunications provider about how

these switches will be affected by the upgraded NYNEX


Some new PhoneSmart features include:

  • Caller ID - Displays the

    telephone number of the person calling you after the

    first ring. Customers must order the service from NYNEX

    and purchase devices separately to display numbers of

    incoming calls.

 (In conjunction with the Caller ID

and Call Return services, Schenectady customers may obtain a

blocking option at no charge. These options allow customers

to block their numbers from appearing on Caller ID devices

and prevent people they call from using to the Call Return

feature to dial the blocked number.) 

  • Repeat Dialing - Automatically

    redials a busy number for up to 30 minutes. 

  • Call Return - Redials the number

    of the last caller. 

  • Call Trace - Sends the telephone

    number of the last caller to the NYNEX Annoyance Call


  • Call Answering Service - Allows

    residential and small business customers to set up one or

    more voice mailboxes to automatically answer calls when

    the customer is away from or already on the


  • Ringmate Service - Allows two or

    three telephone numbers to be associated with one

    telephone line. Each number has a distinctive ring. The

    service is convenient for families with teenage children

    or people with home businesses. 

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