NYNEX Mobilizes Repair Crews in Central New York

November 16, 1995

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NYNEX Mobilizes Repair Crews in Central New York

SYRACUSE, NY -- NYNEX announced today it has mobilized additional

repair crews to deal with unusually high levels of service troubles in

Central New York and Southern Tier service areas as a result of storm

damage in the regions.

Additional repair crews are being sent into the hardest hit areas,


Susan Kennedy, NYNEX vice president and general manager for Central

New York, and forces are being focused on getting service back

for those

customers affected by the storm. Repair crews in areas with fewer

troubles are being diverted to those regions hardest hit by the


This means about 150 technicians devoted to new construction have


reassigned to repair duties, as have those technicians handling


order installations, bringing the repair workforce to a total

of 400.

"Our main concern right now is restoring service," Kennedy

said, "and

we want our customers to know that every step is being taken to


them back on line."

Kennedy added that those customers who may not have already reported

problems, should call the 24-hour repair line -- 890-6611 for

residential customers and 890-7711 for business customers.

Reports of trouble are running significantly above normal levels,

Kennedy said, and crews will continue to work extended hours

throughout the weekend to attack the problems. NYNEXs goal is

to have

trouble levels back to normal by Monday throughout the Central

New York


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