Omnitel Pronto Italia Presents

Omnitel Pronto Italia Presents "City": First GSM Price Plan For Local Calls

Omnitel continues to innovate in the fast growing Italian cellular

market; developing plans that meet customer needs

November 7, 1997

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Stefano Lai


Milan, Italy - Omnitel Pronto Italia, the world's fastest growing

cellular operator and Italy's first private GSM (Global Service for

Mobile) digital operator, announced today an innovative new tariff

called "CITY." The new plan has been developed to meet the needs of

urbanites interested in using a mobile phone in the city where they


With this new plan Omnitel, Bell Atlantic's Italian wireless

investment, brings a new concept to Italian cellular: zoned pricing.

CITY enables subscribers to make local calls within the boundaries of

their city of residence, to both landline numbers and other Omnitel

GSM numbers, at only Lit. 295 (about US$0.18) per minute, regardless

of the time of day or night. All calls made outside the district are

charged at Lit. 990 (about US$0.56) per minute.

Omnitel CITY has no fixed costs: there is no activation charge and no

monthly subscription fee.

The new plan will be available on November 15 in 26 Italian cities.

As competition continues to heat up in the Italian wireless market,

Omnitel plans to extend the service to reach a total of 100 cities by

February of 1998.

Innovation and the ability to anticipate market trends have been

distinguishing factors for Omnitel since its start less than two years

ago. That ability to anticipate tomorrow's needs today is at the heart

of the company's new advertising campaign slogan, "Today we do things

others will do tomorrow." The campaign will air for the first time on

Italian prime time Saturday, November 8, and will continue throughout

1998 on television, radio, print, and billboards.

The new advertising campaign has been developed by an international

team which includes Spanish creative director Miguel Angel Torralba

Marco, U.S.-born Academy Award director Bill Fertik, and the Italian

band Dirotta su Cuba. The internationally acclaimed song "The Greatest

Love of All" is the sound track of the television advertisement and

has been rearranged with a more Latin tempo by the Italian band.

On October 1, 1997, Omnitel Pronto Italia had 1,750,000 subscribers.

On September 15, the company's GSM network covered 66 percent of the

Italian market, equivalent to 93 percent of the country's population.