Public Service Commission Approves NYNEX Earnings Plan

June 1, 1995

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Public Service Commission Approves NYNEX Earnings Plan

NYNEX today received approval on a seven-year plan, with
modifications, to remove restrictions on the company's earnings in New
York in return for a series of consumer protections and benefits.

The state Public Service Commission voted to approve a plan to
freeze basic phone rates, eliminate and reduce other charges, stimulate
competition for local phone services, and accelerate investment in New

The Commission indicated that in approximately two weeks it would
issue an Order outlining modifications to a settlement agreement signed in
September 1994 by NYNEX and 16 parties representing government, industry,
labor and consumers. NYNEX would then have 15 days to accept or reject the
plan as modified.

Ivan Seidenberg, NYNEX chairman and chief executive officer, said,
"When we started in this negotiation process more than two years ago, we
set out to carefully balance the needs of investors, consumers and
competitors. We wanted to achieve four fundamental objectives: a clean
break from rate-of-return regulation; the stability of a long-term plan;
the ability to control our investments; and pricing and marketing

"While the modified plan appears to maintain the integrity of
these principles, we intend to take a close look at the Commission's
changes. Specifically, we need to closely examine language involving our
ability to set prices in a competitive environment and our capacity to
accelerate switch modification consistent with the intraLATA
presubscription schedule proposed by the Commission. Finally, we need to
be certain that subsequent dockets of the Commission preserve the
principles of this plan."

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