Rockland County, NYNEX Launch Training Program for Firefighters; Joint Initiative To Help Ensure Quick Emergency Response To NYNEX Automated Central Offices

July 26, 1995

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Rockland County, NYNEX Launch Training Program for Firefighters; Joint Initiative To Help
Ensure Quick Emergency Response To NYNEX Automated Central Offices

NEW CITY, NY -- Rockland County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef
and NYNEX today unveiled several new initiatives including a training
program for firefighters to ensure a swift response in the event of an
emergency at NYNEX automated central offices in Rockland.

The action comes a year after a fire at the Orangeburg central office
damaged telephone switching equipment, leaving many residents and
businesses without telephone service for several days. (A central office
serves as a local hub for transmitting telecommunication traffic.)

Since then, County and company officials have worked together to improve
emergency notification procedures, develop training for firefighters, and
create a "rapid entry" plan for the company's nine automated central
offices in Rockland.

"This marks the first time that government and business have come together
for a project of this kind in Rockland. We owe it to our residents and our
community's businesses to help ensure that they receive the services they need,"
stated County Executive Vanderhoef.

Meredith Pera, NYNEX Vice President an General Manager-Midstate, said the
teamwork by County and company officials over the past year has been
extraordinary. "We've worked closely to develop a consistent, more
effective approach to emergency readiness that will benefit the Rockland
community. We are delighted to be taking part in such an important

Under the joint plan, NYNEX's internal fire alarm systems will signal
company officials and the Rockland County Fire Control Center at the same
time. In addition, firefighters will be able to gain easy access to a
central office without having to wait for a NYNEX official to arrive at
the scene.

As part of the training program, firefighters will become familiar with
the layout of a central office and learn when and how to disconnect power
in order to safely extinguish a fire.

"NYNEX has introduced many new initiatives in the past year that will help
us do a better job of responding to an emergency," said Gordon Wren,
Rockland County Director of Fire and Emergency Services. Wren, who played
a key role in the development and implementation of the changes added, "We
also appreciate the company's efforts in helping us develop a training
program for our emergency forces."

Wren said the training program was developed by outside experts working
with Rockland County Fire Training Instructors and NYNEX employees. These
experts will present the initial training program for the county's fire
chiefs and line officers. RCFTC Instructors will then present the program
to all volunteer firefighters throughout Rockland.

"By improving these emergency procedures NYNEX has done an outstanding
service to the people of Rockland," added County Executive Vanderhoef.

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