UK'S Three Largest Cable Operators Launch First Phase Of Multimedia Trial

October 23, 1995

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UK'S Three Largest Cable Operators Launch First Phase Of Multimedia Trial

LONDON, UK -- Today at ECC '95, the UK's three

largest cable communications companies, Bell Cablemedia plc, NYNEX

CableComms and TeleWest plc, have announced the establishment

of a media laboratory, launching the first phase of the multimedia

services trial agreed to in a Memorandum of Understanding signed

in May this year.

The multimedia services trial is intended to lead to the development

of commercial applications as well as established standards to

assist the achievement of the equivalent of a single national

network for multimedia broadband services for both customers and

content providers. The participants in the trials are committed

to working towards inter- operability and inter-connectability

across all UK cable systems.

Mr. Ian Leslie, who recently joined TeleWest from a leading

UK software house, has been selected to serve as Project Director

of the venture.

After a process of evaluation, the current intention is to select

the following key suppliers to work on the trial:

-- Hewlett Packard Company for HP MediaStream Server video


-- Nortel for network navigation software

-- Sybase and Macromedia Director for authoring and management

-- Lockheed Media Systems Integration for systems integration

-- Andersen Consulting for content integration

The first phase of the multimedia trial is planned to commence

in January 1996. The media laboratory will be based in NYNEX

CableComms' corporate headquarters in Surbiton, Surrey. The three

companies anticipate that the trial will require a multi million

pound joint investment over the course of 1996 and 1997 and intend

to augment the existing technical and management staff resources

to approximately forty during 1998.

In a joint statement, the companies commented: "This venture

will unify the development of on-demand services by UK cable

operators ensuring inter-operable standards between companies

and the provision of a seamless nationwide service to customers.

It will also demonstrate the cable industry's ability to provide

the multimedia services that only our superhighway infrastructure

can deliver."

Bell Cablemedia plc, NYNEX CableComms and TeleWest plc

announced on May 31, 1995 that they had signed a Memorandum of

Understanding to lead the coordinated development of on-demand

multi-media broadband services.

Bell Cablemedia plc, NYNEX CableComms and TeleWest plc

are the three largest multiple systems operators in the UK

cable industry, together holding franchises encompassing some

8.4 million homes.

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