Verizon Freedom Rings Up Unlimited Usage, Fixed-Fee Packages for Small Businesses in California

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. - Verizon is freeing small businesses in California from per-minute usage charges and unpredictable telecommunications bills by introducing Verizon FreedomSM for Business, a calling package that offers unlimited usage for a fixed monthly fee. This package, which is now available in California, includes unlimited, direct-dialed local, regional and domestic long-distance calls, with options for significant discounts on toll-free service, high-speed DSL and Internet access -- all on one convenient bill.

The new Freedom for Business package is part of Verizon's strategy to better serve small businesses by delivering products and services specifically designed to meet the needs of these businesses. It is a strategy that is resonating with small business customers. Since its introduction in May 2003, more than 230,000 customers have signed up for Freedom packages.

Verizon Freedom for Business elminates the per-minute usage fees associated with business calls. The flat monthly rate gives small businesses the predictability they need to accurately budget their telecommunications costs, and enables them to save money as well. It has proved very popular in the states where it has been introduced, surpassing company expectations.

"This is not a temporary promotion. Eliminating usage charges is a fundamental change in the way we do business," said Chris McKay, Verizon's executive director-business marketing. "We don't want customers to have to think about the costs associated with making business calls. And we know they would rather be growing their business than spending time each month reviewing the charges on their bill."

Value, Simplicity, Flexibility Equal Freedom for Small Businesses

Verizon Freedom for Business includes unlimited direct-dialed local, regional and domestic long-distance, billed on ONE-BILLSM, for $40 a month in California, plus approximately $19 in local line charges. Verizon ONE-BILL consolidates charges for the company's local, long-distance, wireless, DSL and other optional services. Long-term commitments are not required for Verizon Freedom for Business, nor is there an expiration date. Taxes and fees may apply.

"Designed for small businesses with up to 10 lines, Verizon Freedom for Business offers unprecedented flexibility at very competitive rates, easy to understand packages and bundles, and the convenience of getting all the charges on one bill," said McKay.

The Verizon Freedom for Business package also qualifies customers for additional discounts on the most popular services for small business. Optional bundles include a 20 percent discount on DSL, and inbound toll-free calls at 6 cents per minute. Since May, approximately 17 percent of the customers opting for Verizon Freedom for Business also include the DSL option.

Verizon Freedom for Business is also available in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Virginia and Washington, DC. For additional information, customers can visit the Verizon Web site at www.verizon.com/verizonfreedomforbusiness, or call Verizon at 1-866-424-6659.

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