Verizon Honors Environmental Excellence

NEW YORK - A group of Verizon employees from Temple Terrace and Tampa, Fla., have recycled nearly 2,000 pounds of aluminum and donated more than $6,000 to local environmental organizations. Their commitment to making a difference has earned the team of employees Verizon's sixth annual John S. Balaguer Environmental Excellence Award.

The award, which honors Verizon employees demonstrating environmental leadership, was presented to the team May 3 at Verizon's headquarters in New York City.

"It's an honor to recognize such proactive environmental stewardship," said Stephen Henry, executive director for Safety, Health & Environment for Verizon. "Environmental leadership requires more than just compliance with laws. These employees are dedicated to conducting business with respect and care for the communities they serve. The Balaguer Award represents the company's long-standing commitment to the environment."

The employees, known as the Environmental Quality Team, won the John S. Balaguer Award in the community activity category. This is the first time a Florida team has won the award.

"Receiving this award is a tremendous honor," said team member Norman Melnick, Verizon security specialist. "There's no greater satisfaction than working for the benefit of our environment and the community. We won this award because of the dedication and hard work of all our members, past and present."

The energetic group of Florida volunteers partnered with environmental organizations, participated in telephone directory recycling with local schools and recycled cellular phones for a local victims abuse center. They also recycled 1,400 toner and 849 ink jet cartridges, held Earth Day celebrations in conjunction with Take Your Children to Work Day, and planted trees in addition to office recycling.

The Environmental Quality Team includes Mary Alice Atterbury, Dave Barber, Suzanne Bedat, Linda Bigelow, Karen Brown, Debbie Carter, Jennifer Cheviron, Trevor Chin, Susie Cooke, David Coplin, John V. Davis, Nancy Evans, Rob Fisher, Denise Gelb, Valerie Green, Lisa Grey, Peter Houba, Scott Hurst, Sandy Jackson, Penny James, Heather J. Johnston, Bud Jones, Melissa Kamermayer, Patrick Kay, Patricia Keene, Alicia Lacy, Chris Lee, Caroline MacDowell, Norman Melnick, Michael Merritt, Chris Meyer, Bob Monroe, Michelle Parks, Jeanette Perdigon, David Peterson, Mickey Rains, Donald Sims, Nicholas Skalski, Bill Snelling, Suzanne, Sturgess and Sheryll Wegerle.

The John S. Balaguer Environmental Excellence Award is named in honor of the first director of Environmental Issues in the company's directory publishing organization. Balaguer is nationally credited with recognizing environmental leadership as a corporate responsibility.

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