Verizon Statement on FCC Spectrum Auction

WASHINGTON - Verizon issued the following statement based on the ex parte filing it made today to the Federal Communications Commission:

"Verizon's position is that the Federal Communications Commission should not impose 'open access' conditions on the 700 MHz spectrum.  The record compiled at the FCC does not justify these conditions.  Imposing any such requirements in the competitive wireless market would reduce the revenue the government will receive from the spectrum auction and limit the introduction of new and innovative wireless services.

"If the FCC persists in imposing open access requirements on the "C" block of spectrum to be auctioned, Verizon urges that the rules should be constructed to give the customer the ability to choose to have the same kind of relationship with a carrier that the customer enjoys today.  In other words, the customer should be able to purchase a handset from a carrier and enter into a service agreement with that carrier, thereby giving the carrier responsibility for optimizing all aspects of the customer experience."