Verizon's Network Will Remain Reliable Despite Rolling Power Outages in California

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. - Verizon is reassuring its customers that its telephone network will continue to work without major disruption despite the rolling power outages that are currently affecting some areas of California.

In the event of a commercial power outage, Verizon's backup power generators will provide electricity to the company's network for up to 72 hours. Since the rolling blackouts are expected to last no longer than an hour, the power outages will not interrupt local phone service.

Furthermore, virtually all corded phones will continue to work normally during a power outage. Verizon's telephone circuits carry the power supply for this type of telephone which features a handset connected to a base unit.

    Verizon offers the following tips for customers:

  • Cordless phones may not work during a power outage. Have a corded phone available and make sure it is easy to reach in the dark.

  • In the event of a power outage, stay off the telephone unless you have a critical need to make a call. This will help avoid network congestion.

  • If you pick up your telephone to make a call and do not hear dial tone, do not hang up. Simply wait a few seconds, and you will get dial tone and be able to make your call.

  • Do not call your power supplier or 911 to notify them of the outage, since they will already be aware of it. Only call 911 for police, medical or fire emergencies.

  • If you experience telephone trouble, follow the troubleshooting tips in the front pages of your Verizon telephone directory. If you are not able to isolate the problem to your equipment call Verizon's Customer Care Center at: 1-800-483-1000 (residential), 1-800-483-2000 (business).

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