Verizon's New 411 System: Is It a Live Operator, or Is It 'Darby'?

BUFFALO, N.Y. - The new voice on Verizon's 411 service is so expressive, and the listings "she" gives are so effectively researched, that New Yorkers are about to befriend Darby, the California voice-actress on the automated directory assistance system being introduced in New York this month.

Verizon has enhanced its 411 directory assistance service, applying advanced speech-recognition and Internet technologies to give customers the kind of fast, accurate and automated information they are accustomed to getting in their own Internet data searches. The newest version of 411 begins in Buffalo today and follows introduction of the service on Long Island and in Syracuse and Binghamton last week.

Because the automated system is so effective, many customers do not even realize that the voice they hear has been prerecorded, or that the listing they receive was researched instantaneously without human intervention.

Verizon is using the new system to handle routine, frequently requested business and government-listing requests, and when found, simply to deliver the number without the call ever reaching an operator. If there are options, such as a business with multiple locations in a given city, the system queries the customer, just as a live operator would, and then delivers the listing.

If a caller needs more than routine assistance, the call transfers to an operator for professional and expert service. The operator asks for further details and refines the search "Darby" began

The voice of Verizon's 411 enhancement is Darby Bailey. Originally from Salt Lake City, she is recognized as one of the best voice-actors in the world for telephone applications. To customers, her voice sounds as though a live person is speaking, rather than a robotic phone prompt.

"This represents a dynamic application of speech-recognition technology to efficiently and intelligently support customers, combining the expertise and professionalism of our operators, and ensures we remain the premier provider of 411 service," said Kitty Linder, president, Verizon LiveSource.

The system and technology that support the 411 enhancement are being provided by VoltDelta, the current provider of platform and database services to Verizon, and Tellme Networks, provider of the Internet and speech technologies and the application services.

"This is an innovative and exciting approach with which Verizon LiveSource has quickly solidified its leadership position in the operator services market," said Joe DiAngelo, president of VoltDelta. "Not only has Verizon LiveSource introduced economics that help maintain its competitive position, but the deployed platform supports many new services that were never before possible. The blend of technology with live operator services allows Verizon to provide callers with a pioneering 411 experience."

Mike McCue, president and co-founder of Tellme Networks, said, "Verizon's use of speech recognition coupled with the Internet is the most innovative use of technology for the 411 market to date. This is the largest Internet application on the telephone network. It is a huge milestone for Internet communications and permanently changes the directory assistance landscape."

The service will be introduced in other portions of New York this week. Customers in New Jersey, Delaware, eastern Pennsylvania, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona and California are already using the service.

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VoltDelta is a subsidiary of Volt Information Sciences (NYSE: VOL), a diversified technology and staffing company with $1.6 billion in annual revenue. VoltDelta is a leading provider of enhanced directory assistance solutions and information services to the global telecommunications market. Thirty years of operator services experience have enabled VoltDelta to meet evolving market requirements providing innovative technology and services to wireline and wireless markets. VoltDelta is reported as Volt's Computer Systems Segment. For further information, visit www.voltdelta.com or www.volt.com.

Tellme Networks, Inc.

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