Vittorio Colao Named CEO of Omnitel Pronto Italia At Meeting of Shareholders and Board of Directors

Vittorio Colao Named CEO of Omnitel Pronto
Italia At Meeting of Shareholders and Board of

August 5, 1999


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Milan, Italy -- At a morning meeting of Omnitel Pronto
Italia shareholders, Chief Operating Officer Vittorio Colao was named to
the company's Board of Directors. The new Board of Directors, which
convened following the shareholder meeting, named Colao CEO of
Omnitel. The shareholders had nominated Colao for the CEO position on
July 29, 1999.

The Board of Omnitel now includes Carlo Peretti, Chairman; Vittorio
Colao, CEO; and members Tom Bartlett, Giancarlo Ferrero and Ted
Hoffman of Bell Atlantic; Klaus Esser, Lars Berg, Francesco Gianni,
Frank Esser, and Kurt Kinzius of Mannesmann; Keith Cornell and Vern
Tyerman of Vodafone-AirTouch; and Riccardo Ruggiero of Infostrada.

Vittorio Colao, 38, was born in Brescia, Italy. He holds a Business
Administration degree in Finance from the Bocconi University in Milan
(1986) and an MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business in
Boston, Massachusetts (1990).

Colao started his career in management consulting in 1986 at Mckinsey &
Co. as a Business Analyst and Associate. In the summer of 1989 he
moved to Morgan Stanley International in London as an Associate in the
Corporate Finance division.

After one year as Assistant to the Group General Manager at Arnoldo
Mondadori Editore, a leading Italian publishing house, Colao returned to
McKinsey & Co. in Milan where he was named a Partner in 1994.

Paol Galli, 39, today was named Omnitel's new Chief Operating Officer.
Born in Milan, Galli holds an MBA from the Bocconi University (1987).
After his graduation Galli spent seven years in the consulting business
working at Arthur D. Little and Bain, Cuneo e Associate, an office of Bain
& Co. In June 1994 he joined Omnitel as assistant to the CEO, and in the
spring of 1995 he was named Director General for Central Italy.