Wireless Internet Access Made Cheaper, Easier With Bell Atlantic Mobile's Newest Airbridge Service

Wireless Internet Access Made Cheaper, Easier With Bell Atlantic Mobile's
Newest Airbridge Service

AirBridge Internet Access Features Flat-rate Pricing Structure

August 19, 1997

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BEDMINSTER, NJ - In response to the growing need among business
for an easier and more affordable way to fully access the Internet and
their corporate intranets while away from the office, Bell Atlantic
Mobile today introduced AirBridge Internet Access.

For a flat monthly fee of $54.95, users have a cellular digital packet
data (CDPD) airlink and unlimited access to the Internet or company
intranets while traveling throughout Bell Atlantic Mobile's CDPD
service area, between Boston and Columbia, SC, including key business
centers like New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Washington, DC.
In addition, customers will get their own Internet e-mail address at
no additional charge. Users can send and receive messages to and from
Internet e-mail users worldwide. Volume discounts for 16 or more
users are available.

Using CDPD technology, AirBridge Internet Access allows customers
working remotely to check e-mail, look up data on corporate databases
or visit any site on the World Wide Web simply by connecting a
wireless modem to their laptop computer. CDPD efficiently and
securely transmits packets of data over the cellular infrastructure
using the Internet protocol.

In conjunction with this service launch, Bell Atlantic Mobile is
offering the Sierra Wireless AirCard* modem at a special introductory
price. This AirCard consists of two PCMCIA Type II cards which fit
completely inside a laptop. It provides CDPD, circuit-switched
cellular, and landline connectivity.

"We applaud Bell Atlantic Mobile's initiative in wireless Internet
access for notebook users," said David Sutcliffe, president and CEO,
Sierra Wireless. "The flat rate service pricing will meet the
requirements of many corporate customers who want predictable monthly

"It's no big secret that mobile workers have the same need for
communications and d access that their deskbound counterparts have had
for years," stated Mike Franklin, executive director-wireless data
marketing for Bell Atlantic Mobile. "Today, Bell Atlantic Mobile is
addressing this need head-on with a solution that brings the Internet
right to the workers' fingertips and with pricing that is affordable
and predictable."

AirBridge Internet Access also benefits customers who travel beyond
Bell Atlantic Mobile's operating territory. These customers can
leverage the company's agreements with other major CDPD carriers and
continue accessing the information and e-mail correspondence they need
for a nominal fee ($0.08 per kilobyte).

Customers seeking additional information about AirBridge Internet
Access can call 1-800-308-DATA, or visit www.banm.com.

Bell Atlantic Mobile is the largest
wireless service provider on the
East Coast and the second largest in the United States. The company
owns and operates the most extensive network in the East, covering
111,000 square miles, and the largest chain of wireless retail outlets
offering a full range of wireless personal communications services,
including voice, data and paging. Based in Bedminster, NJ, Bell
Atlantic Mobile has 4.9 million customers and 7,000 employees in the
Northeast, mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and, through a separate
subsidiary, in the Southwest. The company is the chief wireless
subsidiary of the new Bell Atlantic, formed through the merger of Bell
Atlantic and NYNEX corporations.

*AirCard is a registered trademark of Sierra Wireless.