Unbalanced Peering, and the Real Story Behind the Verizon/Cogent Dispute

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An article appeared earlier this week at GigaOM, in which the authors “blame Verizon” for failing to accommodate the growing volume of traffic coming from Cogent Communications, another bandwidth provider. As my colleague David Young wrote on our policy blog, GigaOM did not have the full story.  I can tell you unequivocally that Verizon’s broadband Internet access services deliver an excellent user experience to our customers at any time of day on every day of the week. In fact, this has been repeatedly proven through independent testing by the FCC, which has conclusively demonstrated that FiOS Internet consistently delivers both download and upload speeds in excess of what we advertise. In short, our Internet customers often get more than they pay for.

How the Internet works is complicated, and consumers should be aware of the fact that the integrity of their home Internet connection is only a portion of the streaming video quality equation.  If their broadband connection is functioning correctly, the source of their frustration and the content they wish to see may be one in the same.

For more background, read David’s blog here: vz.to/191fB9t