Verizon Brings Together Thousands of Employees Throughout the Business for Company's Annual Global Women's Summit

Verizon recently held its Global Women’s Summit to provide employees a platform to discuss emerging and relevant women’s issues; connect attendees with Verizon women leaders; and highlight positive insights to inspire, educate and challenge Verizon employees globally.

It was a day of thought-provoking and engaging conversation on the crucial role diversity and inclusion play in innovation and business success. Many of Verizon’s most senior female executives, along with several outside guest speakers, shared their experiences of climbing the corporate ladder and noted how Verizon gives women and all employees the tools they need to succeed at their jobs and advance their careers.

This year’s summit was Verizon’s biggest and most ambitious yet – the event brought together live audiences of Verizon employees in multiple locations across Asia, Europe and the United States.

Several of the locations merged as one via simulcast and were addressed by Magda Yrizarry, Verizon’s chief talent and diversity officer; Marni Walden, Verizon’s president of product and new business innovation; and other senior female executives.

“We are using the power of our technology to connect ourselves across the globe,” Yrizarry told the live audience. “And I want to make sure we don’t underestimate the power of the Verizon network right here in this room,” she added, alluding to the amazing networking opportunity given the large contingent of Verizon employees from across business units and disciplines in attendance.

Cherie Blair, of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, then provided the summit’s keynote address.