Verizon Showcases Its Commitment to Green Energy and Technology Investment in Montgomery County, Md.

The Chesapeake Complex, as it is called, is a prime example of what Verizon is doing to improve energy efficiency.

As one of Montgomery County’s largest employers, Verizon’s office on Old Columbia Pike in Silver Spring, Md., is a hidden treasure. About 2,200 company employees in engineering, marketing, sales and service, and information technology occupy the facility, along with three customer-care centers for Verizon’s wired broadband, video and phone services.

The Chesapeake Complex, as it is called, is also a prime example of what Verizon is doing to improve energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint.

In 2013, Verizon invested $100 million in onsite green energy technologies to gen140509 Chesapeakegreen2erate more than 90 million kilowatt hours of clean fuel cell and renewable solar power at 17 Verizon facilities in six states. The renewable solar energy system at the Chesapeake Complex is the largest that the company has built to date.

This solar energy system has more than 5,500 solar panels that produce more than 2.4 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually – enough to power 226 homes for one year.  At the same time, the system offsets 1,729 metric tons of CO2 – which is equal to the annual greenhouse gas emissions of 364 passenger cars.

“By decreasing our electricity demand from the commercial energy grid in Silver Spring, Verizon is contributing to the strength of Montgomery County’s energy infrastructure, freeing energy to fuel the county’s continuing economic growth,” said James J. Gowen, Verizon’s chief sustainability officer. “And Verizon is doing this with 100 percent renewable energy that generates zero CO2 emissions.”

On May 7, Montgomery County Executive Isiah “Ike” Leggett and other county officials toured the Chesapeake Complex to see firsthand what Verizon is doing to support green energy and technology investment.

 “Verizon’s commitment to sustainability is evidence that good environmental strategy equals good business strategy,” Leggett said. “Montgomery County applauds Verizon’s efforts and looks forward to our long, continued partnership.”