Ongoing Network Preparations and Performance in Previous Hurricane Seasons

Verizon Wireless' network, the nation's most reliable wireless network, stands ready for the 2007 hurricane season.

Year Round Network Preparations

Verizon Wireless has continued the significant preparations and investments that have kept its network strong, even through the destructive storms of past years, while other communication networks often were adversely impacted.

The Verizon Wireless network is built for reliability in emergencies, with battery back-up power at all facilities and for additional reliability, generators installed at all switching facilities, and many cell site locations. The company also owns a fleet of portable generators that can be deployed to provide emergency power during extended power outages to those cell sites without permanent generators.

Verizon Wireless also maintains a fleet of mobile generators and Cells on Wheels (COWs) and Cells on Light Trucks (COLTs) - self-powered call transmitters that can be rolled into hard-hit locations or areas that need extra network capacity to provide additional service. The company's fleet of portable generators are kept fueled and placed on standby in areas prone to sudden natural disasters, and fuel supplies are secured in advance of storms to assist in keeping generators running.

In addition, the Verizon Wireless team of real-life test men and women, backed by the company's Network Operations team, test and retest the network's performance and durability all year round.

Results of Verizon Wireless' Network Commitment

Verizon Wireless' network commitment paid off in recent hurricane seasons when the company outperformed the competition in terms of completed wireless voice calls.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Verizon Wireless drive tests found the company's network averaged an impressive 90% call completion rate in impacted areas after the storm, compared to rates of 79% and lower among competitors.

In 2004, within the first days after Florida's Hurricane Frances, Verizon Wireless' call completion rate was 96% along the Florida Turnpike and I-95 in Palm Beach, Saint Martin, Saint Lucie and Indian River Counties, compared to other carriers with call completion rates at 84% and lower.

9/24/2004: In Season of Hurricanes, Test Men Report Verizon Wireless Network Outperforms the Competition