Ventura County, California residents learn the "smarts" of their smartphone

IRVINE, CA — You have the latest all-in-one wireless device from Verizon Wireless. Now you want to learn how to use it most effectively. The solution? Free, hands-on training. Verizon Wireless is offering workshops at several of its Communications Stores in Ventura County for users of smartphones and advanced devices like the Blackberry Storm.

The workshops are designed to better acquaint smartphone owners with the capabilities of their advanced devices and provide hands-on instruction on how to use the features they find most helpful.

Topics covered

  • Attendees can learn about a variety of topics, including how to:

  • Text message

  • Set up your speed-dial

  • Synch with your address book

  • Send e-mail

  • Browse the Internet

  • Use the camera

  • Use Bluetooth and other accessories

  • Change your ringtone

How to participate

Registration is not required. The event is open to Verizon Wireless customers and other smartphone users. Customers who do not yet have an advanced device but would like to learn more about these devices are also welcome to attend. The workshops are part of Verizon Wireless' extensive suite of in-store services for users of advanced devices.

Can't make it to the workshop?

We still have you covered. Customers who are unable to attend an in-store event can attend an Internet-based instructional class to learn about their new device. Please visit to register.

Ventura County workshop schedule

Thousand Oaks           Thursday, April 30, 2009             4pm-7pm

Camarillo                     Thursday, April 30, 2009            4pm-7pm