Giving a gift is now as easy as sending a Text

It’s been 22 years since “Merry Christmas” was the first text message ever transmitted. Today, Verizon is making last minute gift giving for all your holidays a little easier by offering Starbucks Card eGifts through the popular Verizon Messages app. 

Whether you want to say “Happy Holidays”, “Happy Birthday”, or just say “Thanks,” Verizon Messages users can text an eGift card of $5, $10 or $25 to virtually anyone on any U.S. carrier. Just click on the eGift icon, choose your background, choose your amount, add your message, and send. The gift card will be billed directly to the sender’s Verizon Wireless account. The recipient simply scans the barcode of the eGift Card right from the message at any Starbucks location when paying. They can also load the card into their Starbucks® Mobile App if they choose. 

Launched in 2012, Verizon Messages allows users to seamlessly send and receive a text message over the Verizon Wireless network or Wi-Fi from their smartphone, tablet, PC Mac and web browser. It also offers 90 days of messaging storage, customized backgrounds, image editing tools, location sharing with Glympse®, and a driving mode to limit distractions.

Verizon Messages has been recognized by industry leaders and consumers for the unique benefits it provides. It was chosen “Best In Show for Emerging Technology” at CTIA in 2013, and picked By in 2014 as one of their 10 cool apps to start the year. Earlier this month, a study named Verizon Messages as the #1 most-used consumer app by sports fans in stadiums across the country.