Wireless Accessibility Services

Great technology opens worlds to every person, regardless of age or ability. At Verizon Wireless, we are committed to offering our customers America’s Most Reliable Wireless Network. Verizon Wireless provides a wide range of products and services for customers with disabilities. We also realize that costs can be a barrier to technology. To limit this barrier, we offer low-income customer assistance programs.

Unlimited plans

Please take the time to explore the different ways that Verizon can support your needs. When it comes to assistive technology, you’ll find that we offer a wide array of products and services all carefully designed to make your life easier. 

Nationwide messaging plans

Our 4G LTE network provides the hearing-impaired community with specialized text and data plans for both basic phones and smartphones.

Hearing aid compatibility

Verizon Wireless provides a variety of products for our customers who are deaf or hard of hearing to assist them with their communication needs.

Free 411 Services

Verizon Wireless offers free 411 assistance for customers with visual, physical and cognitive disabilities. In order to be eligible for the Free 411 service Verizon Wireless does require appropriate information verifying that the requirements of the program have been met.

Text-to-911 Service

Can you text 911 if you are unable to call? Texting 911 may be an option, depending upon your location.

Accessibility device features and apps

Verizon Mobile Accessibility is both an advanced screen-reader and a suite of 10 accessibility applications. We also offer customers options for voice commands and menu readout, free 411 assistance and other features.

Alternate billing formats

Verizon Wireless provides bills, product and service brochures and device manuals, when readily available in alternate media forms.

Need more help?

Contact the Verizon Wireless National Accessibility
Customer Service Center

8 am to 9 pm EST, Monday - Friday
1.888.262.1999 or *611 from your wireless phone