We are conscious of the world around us.

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Committed to reducing our carbon intensity


Having exceeded the goal we set in 2009 to reduce our carbon intensity by 50% by 2020, we set a new goal to cut our carbon intensity in half over 2016 levels by 2025.

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50 Reduction in Carbon Intensity from our 2016 baseline

Helping customers reduce carbon emissions

Verizon’s connected solutions help our customers save energy and reduce their carbon emissions. We work with the Carbon Trust to measure the yearly reduction in CO2e emissions our customers are achieving through the use of our products and services.

We set a new goal that by 2022, Verizon’s networks and connected solutions will save more than 2X the amount of global emissions that our operations create.

Verizon 2018 Emissions Table from the CR Report

In 2017, our solutions enabled:

Total gross CO2e emissions avoidance of

metric tons

7.7M MT of CO2e emissions is equivalent to removing

cars from the road for one year

CO2e emissions avoidance enabled by our solutions offset

of Verizon’s 2016 operational emissions (Scope 1&2).
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Investing in green energy

Over the past six years, Verizon has made it a priority to deploy more green energy resources — such as solar and fuel cell technology — into our facilities. We’ve set a new goal to add 24MW of green energy in our operations by 2025.

In 2017, our customers returned million s of devices for recycling. 100% of devices returned were re purposed, reused or recycled.

Device recycling

Through our device recycling program, we reward customers who recycle their wireless devices and keep them out of landfills.

Verizon Recycling Rally - NFL and Houston Zoo 2017

Verizon expects to collect over 4M pounds of electronics for recycling by 2020 at community and employee recycling rallies.

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 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year five years in a row

We’re honored to win this award in recognition of our strong commitment to preserving a healthy planet for future generations. We will continue to build efficiencies into our retail stores, buildings and operations.

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Corporate Responsiblity Report

Learn more about Verizon’s corporate responsibility initiatives.