Privacy Policy

Hum Privacy Policy

Hum service includes vehicle diagnostics, vehicle location assistance, one-button emergency calling, automated alerts to emergency personnel when a potential accident is detected, real-time vehicle tracking, and roadside assistance, as well as possible discounts on travel, automotive, car rental and other offers. Your Hum service also includes a mobile application and might include WiFi hotspot service from Verizon Wireless. Hum’s privacy practices are covered by the Verizon Privacy Policy as well as Hum-specific practices described here. Verizon Wireless WiFi hotspot service privacy practices are covered by the Verizon Privacy Policy.

Information we collect and how it is used

When a Hum device is installed in your car, information is collected about your vehicle (including make, model, color, year and vehicle identification number), your vehicle's performance and maintenance characteristics, as well as vehicle location and use information (including trip distances, acceleration, deceleration, turning, speed and revolutions per minute).  This information is used to provide the Hum services described above, including real-time vehicle tracking.

The Hum app collects information from your mobile device. This includes device location and motion activity if you enable the app to collect this information. Location and motion activity includes trip locations and distances, braking (including hard braking), acceleration (including rapid acceleration), speed (including driving at high speeds), cornering (including sharp cornering), and whether your device screen is being tapped while your device is in a moving vehicle.  Location and motion information are used to provide you with a driver safety score that gives you feedback about your driving and provides you with tips on ways in which driving could potentially be improved.  The driver safety score is based solely on location and motion activity information from your mobile device and does not include any information from the Hum device.  For Hum app users who also have a Hum device, mobile device location information is also used to help deliver Hum services, including parking reminders and roadside assistance. Information, including location, may be collected from your mobile device even when you are not using the app.

Information we share

Information that identifies your vehicle and other personal information may be shared when it is necessary to provide various Hum services, such as alerting emergency personnel of your location if a crash is detected, helping authorities locate your vehicle if you report it stolen or helping roadside assistance services locate your vehicle.

Hum information may also be used on its own or in combination with other Verizon information about you to determine aggregate insights about Hum users. For example, a company may find it valuable to know the number of vehicles on different roads at various times during the day and the percent of drivers of those vehicles that are in a certain age range. Hum information may also be shared with third parties in a way that does not identify you personally. For example, it may be used to provide traffic reporting or similar services or to inform car manufacturers about characteristics of different vehicle models.

Your choices

Hum app users can invite each other to share Safety Score information, including cumulative Safety Score, total number of Safety Score events in the current week, total number of miles driven that week, first name, and avatar.  You can stop sharing this information at any time by going to the leaderboard page within the Hum app and swiping left on the name and avatar of the person with whom you no longer want to share your Safety Score information.

You control whether the Hum app collects location and motion information from your mobile device. You can change those permissions at any time through your mobile device settings.  If you disable location and/or motion activity information collection or turn off the driver safety score feature within the app, the feature will be disabled.

We may offer you the choice to share your information with others, such as insurance providers, to determine whether you may be eligible for discounts or other benefits.