Our Technology

We engineer powerful technology. From 4G wireless to FiOS Internet, video to telematics, cloud, security and more, we offer technology products and solutions that transform the way our customers connect, collaborate and innovate.

Mobile: Largest nationwide 4G LTE network

Our 4G LTE network is the largest, most reliable network in America.

We’ve elevated the industry standard for connectivity by deploying a next-generation wireless network that increases coverage and capacity for customers and stretches the limits of what can be delivered over the wireless platform.

XLTE: America’s Best Network Gets Even Better

XLTE: The need for speed now fulfilled

Verizon XLTE takes America's largest, most reliable 4G LTE network to the next level. With faster peak speeds and greater capacity, our customers increase their ability to stream, share and do more.

A better network as explained by a door?

Verizon’s network has a lot of capacity, and the best way to explain that is with a giant door.


Fiber: America’s top-rated broadband service

By 2017, video streaming will account for almost 70 percent of all consumer Internet traffic. We’re prepared with FiOS® — the largest, most advanced 100 percent fiber-to-the-home network in America — so that our customers can enjoy faster upload Internet speeds and higher bandwidth when uploading videos or pictures to the Web.

FiOS Quantum redefines the TV experience

FiOS Quantum gives customers customized entertainment by providing more access to favorite shows, multi-show recording and more HD storage.

Helping people walk with broadband technology

MakerBot – a desktop 3D printer—relies on robust broadband connectivity to help innovators worldwide design life-changing prosthetics.

Global network & infrastructure: One of the most connected Internet backbones

Our global Internet network is one of the most expansive in the world. We’re adding 100 GB speeds in Europe and the U.S. to ensure these vital trade routes can handle the huge increases in digital cargo. We also deliver cloud, security, telematics and managed services to help nearly 5,000 enterprises work faster, better and more securely in the digital age.

Building a resilient network infrastructure

Data servers, storage & applications are the heart of any business. Verizon Terremark Services help businesses maintain & protect their infrastructure with unmatched network connectivity & security.

Transforming a global grocery retailer

Tomas Kadlec from Tesco — the world’s largest online grocery store retailer — explains how Verizon’s infrastructure solution “marks a steep change for Tesco in...both security & managed networked services.”

Cloud: Extensive cloud infrastructure

Verizon’s global network of data centers stores vital information, while enabling mobile commerce, security, healthcare and telematics innovations around the world.

Agility in the cloud

A new report from Verizon and Harvard Business Review Analytics Services reveals 74% of businesses say cloud computing is increasing their agility and providing their organization with a competitive advantage.

Helping 1-800-Flowers meet seasonal demands

The CIO of 1-800-Flowers.com discusses how Verizon's cloud services help meet seasonal demand and “deliver smiles” to customers worldwide.

M2M: "Internet of Things"

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) is a platform that embeds wireless Internet connections into electronics, machines, buildings & more. Connected machines are creating the “Internet of Things", which is transforming how businesses operate and customers interact with their environment.  

Why Verizon is building a next generation network: Connected cars

Cars of the future will need to be connected wirelessly. This is why Verizon is preparing the next gen network. Learn more in Verizon's latest IoT report.

Making cities smarter, safer and greener

Verizon technology is helping cities manage energy, maintain a safe urban infrastructure and become more sustainable.

Digital media services: Content management & delivery

Today’s consumers crave premium video content as fast as brands can deliver it — on smartphones, tablets, digital signage & big-screen entertainment venues. Verizon Digital Media Services is helping businesses manage and distribute their branded content to audiences globally.

Powering Disney ABC Television Group

Verizon Digital Media Services is a key component to Disney ABC's digital strategy. Albert Cheng, EVP and Chief Product Officer of digital media for Disney/ABC Television Group, explains how Verizon's TV Everywhere technology is enable the Watch ABC app.

REVOLT TV: Reimagining music for the 21st century

With a target audience between the ages of 16 and 25, REVOLT TV delivers a new sort of music-related programming – the kind that reflects viewing habits of the young and incessantly web-connected.

Security: Risk management safety net

With e-commerce growing rapidly, cybersecurity is a big concern for enterprises and consumers alike. Our security solutions are helping enterprises protect their customers’ data and ensure the safety of their online operations.

Verizon Cloud security explained

With Verizon Cloud Storage, enterprises can securely store, access and protect data in the cloud. Consumers can have peace of mind knowing their personal information is in safe hands.

9 major cyber threats identified

Verizon’s 2014 Data Breach report attributes 92 percent of security incidents to nine basic cybercrime patterns.