Empowering Educators

Mobile technology is transforming the classroom and what it means to be a teacher and a student. It has the power to level the playing field and help ensure that every student can achieve success. It can also extend the learning day because learning shouldn’t and can't be limited to school hours.

But, devices alone aren’t enough. Many schools receive technology, but teachers need training and support to effectively integrate these tools into their lessons. When teachers understand the technology and how to tailor it to the needs of their students, they’re able to engage students in new ways.

That’s why we’re taking a holistic approach, infusing technology into every aspect of the learning experience. We’re providing the tools, the training and the support that teachers need to increase student interest and achievement, particularly in STEM subjects. We’re also equipping teachers with the knowledge they need to make decisions about which products and learning content best suit their needs.

Hear directly from teachers about the impact the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools (VILS) program has had on their classroom.

Seeing results

We’re innovating in the classroom and we’re seeing results. In fact,VILS students are improving in areas that pave the way to STEM careers. According to their teachers:

  • 37% of students were better at problem solving
  • 25% of students asked more questions about STEM careers

Of course, we know that we can’t reach every teacher in person. But we do want all teachers to have access to the same critical support and training.

That’s why we’re taking the same proven program to teachers across the country and the globe, through the Verizon Mobile Learning Academy. Since the fall of 2014, we’ve made the professional development that we built in the VILS program widely available to educators across the country through the Verizon Mobile Learning Academy. The free, moderated, 10-week online learning program, delivered in partnership with ISTE, offers continuing education units from Johns Hopkins University.

2015 results:

  • We exceeded our goal to train educators at 100 schools in 2015.
  • 54% of educators said they provided students more opportunities to work on projects.
  • 66% of educators said they collaborated more with peers to incorporate mobile technology into their teaching.

Resources for teachers