Girls in STEM

Not enough girls are encouraged to pursue their love of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The greatest opportunities in the future will be high-tech jobs in STEM fields, but we're lagging behind the rest of the world, currently ranked 36th in math and 28th in science.

Inspire her mind

Verizon is inspiring young minds to get involved with STEM and build brighter futures. We partner with organizations like Girls Who Code, MAKERS and other organizations whose mission it is to close the gender gap in STEM.


Our graduates from Girls Who Code

While many kids were enjoying their time off from school, 40 girls from South Florida High School were working hard — learning how to code, and more. For seven weeks, the 11th and 12th grade girls participated in a Verizon-sponsored computer science summer immersion program.

Discover the Pocket Poll App.

Meet the bright young women behind Pocket Poll, an app that helps voters learn about candidates and their platforms.

More than pretty: pretty brilliant

15-year old Maria Mejia created VisioLock, an app that uses facial recognition to secure data.

  • Make technology, not use it

  • Great ides STEM from diversity

  • Success comes from failures

  • I am the future of coding

  • You can build the future

Employees championing the cause

We’re a company made up of engineers, leaders, dreamers and problem-solvers. That's why STEM education is so important to us. See how our employees are working to set an example and encouraging a new generation through their time and expertise.

  • Verizon gives D.C. girl scouts the 411 on STEM

    Verizon gives D.C. Girl Scouts the 411 on STEM.

    Middle schoolers participated in mentoring sessions, an interactive panel with Verizon’s female employees and received a technology demonstration.

  • Verizon's Female Engineers: Fierce and Fearless!

    Verizon's female engineers: Fierce and fearless

    From being the rock of her high school volleyball team to rising to Chief Network Officer for Verizon Wireless, Nicki Palmer uses her passion and skills to mentor her team.

  • Break the Cycle | Black Girls CODE | Verizon Wireless

    Women of color 'STEM' the tide.

    In partnership with Verizon, Black Girls CODE will be launching two new chapters in the underrepresented communities of Washington, D.C., and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

  • Curbing Stereotypes. Driving Results.

    Curbing stereotypes. Driving results.

    Allison Cole does not allow her age, race, or gender to handicap her path to success. She leads a team of 4,000 employees as the Region President, New England at Verizon

  • A Way to 'Yes:' Breaking into the "Boys' Club"

    A way to yes: Breaking into the “boys’ club.”

    Michelle Miller doesn’t take no for an answer, because she knows there’s a way to yes. Michelle learned that she could do anything, no matter what was on the other side of the challenge.