Our Approach

Advanced technology has a unique role to play in addressing society’s most serious problems. Verizon leverages the power of its network technology, philanthropy, and employees to address pressing problems in education, healthcare and energy management to create long-term value.

The Verizon Foundation aims to be an incubator for new solutions that transform the way Verizon does business and the world in which it operates. The focus is on underserved communities because they are often the last to receive technology but the most vulnerable to the issues Verizon is trying to address.

Our Approach

Accelerating Innovation

Great innovation takes great minds, great skills and great resources. We believe powerful answers can come from anywhere and we know we can’t solve these problems alone. We’re banding together with visionaries and problem-solvers from all corners of the globe to find powerful solutions to the world's toughest challenges.

Focused on the Fundamentals

Verizon Framework

Some of the biggest opportunities for Verizon lie at the intersection of our empowering technology and society’s deepest needs. To leverage this natural connection, we have implemented a strategy over the years to:

In each part of this process, we emphasize transparency and a willingness to engage with stakeholders. Sharing our success in this way helps us enhance our reputation and brand, which translates into the freedom to operate and enter new markets, as well as technology solutions that solve big challenges.

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