Online Safety

Verizon is committed to helping families thrive in a world of rapidly changing technology. We empower our customers by providing products, tools and advice from trusted partners to help harness the power of digital media as a positive force in everyone’s life. Our goal is to:

  • Prepare families to integrate technology into their lives with the help of global experts.
  • Prevent safety risks and challenges by using technology to safeguard customers.
  • Protect families by providing information and access to tools that empower customers to manage their digital lives.

Prepare:  Get expert advice from our global partners.

The resources below provide parents with useful tips and tools, empowering them to make informed decisions when it comes to their children's technology usage.


CTIA - The Wireless Association

CTIA - The Wireless Association

Verizon is a member of the Cellular Telephone Industries Association, supporting the Growing Wireless campaign and the Parent's Guide to Mobile Phones. These resources help parents educate their kids about using technology responsibly.

Common sense media

Common Sense Media

If you’re a parent, you know more and more kids are using wireless devices to download music, stream video, play games and visit social networking sites. Our partner, Common Sense Media provides great tips and ideas to help you navigate your family’s online behavior.


Good digital parenting

Good Digital Parenting

As a member of the Family Online Safety Institute, Verizon supports the Good Digital Parenting initiative to empower parents to confidently navigate the online world with their kids.


Prevent:  Keep up-to-date with digital risks and challenges.

Taking proactive security measures is key. The resources below educate parents on recent threats affecting the online community and how this harmful activity can be prevented.

  • Tips for the summertime traveler

    Tips for the summertime traveler

    Following cyber security tips will ensure your summer vacation is memorable for all the right reasons.

  • Rules of the road for parents

    Rules of the road for parents

    As a parent, it might often feel like you’re playing catch-up with your kids when it comes to technology. Follow these simple steps to help you make a difference in your child’s digital experience.

  • YouTube and your kids

    If your kids are online, chances are they’ve been on YouTube. Learn how you can take an active role in your child’s YouTube experience.

  • What's the right age for a cell phone?

    Many parents wrestle with the issue of cell phones for kids. What’s the right age for kids to get cell phones, and what functions are age-appropriate? What about the managing apps -- not to mention the potential to exceed data plans.

Protect:  Tools to keep you in control of your content

Here is everything parents need to know to ensure their families are protected from harmful media and technology threats.

  • Parental controls

    Will setting parental controls solve all of your family’s Internet safety challenges? Of course not. But parental controls are an essential component of your 21st century parenting toolkit.

  • Video games: what you need to know

    Video games: What you need to know

    If your kids are playing video games online, it’s important for you to educate yourself about tools that can help you manage your child’s online gaming experience.

  • Verizon protect customers against SPAM

    Protecting customers from spam

    Verizon, like all other ISPs, uses industry standard spam filters to protect our customers from being inundated with unwanted spam email, or sending spam to others.

Verizon resources and tools

Content policy

Content policy

Verizon ensures content is age-rated via recognized third-party content rating systems that are consistent with industry standards.


Family safeguards and controls community

Family safeguards and controls community

This website provides customers with the opportunity to ask questions, post comments, share and follow the ongoing conversation about digital safety and security.


Verizon Internet Security Suite

Verizon Internet Security Suite

Verizon offers comprehensive security solutions to protect, store, support and repair your devices.