Through all our efforts, we aim to demonstrate how our technology can connect us, accelerate social change and create value for our shareowners and the communities we serve. Discover what Verizon is doing to solve big challenges in education, healthcare and energy.

Annual Report & Corporate Responsibility Report

The 2015 Annual Report combines highlights of our financial performance and corporate responsibility initiatives. The Corporate Responsibility Supplement contains additional information about our corporate citizenship and sustainable business practices.

Political Contributions Report

Political contributions are one way we support the democratic process and participate in the public policy dialogue. We list all PAC contributions, corporate political contributions and independent expenditures made by Verizon. This report is updated twice a year.

Verizon Transparency Report

Verizon’s Transparency Report presents the number of demands we received from law enforcement in the United States and other countries during the first half of 2014. We will continue to update our Transparency Report semi-annually to show the number of demands we received in the prior six months. Learn more about this report in our public policy blog.