Verizon works closely with our Prime Suppliers in establishing their Tier 2 goals and helping them seek qualified, Diverse Suppliers to subcontract with. Verizon’s Prime Suppliers are expected to honor their commitment to diversity by:

  • Actively including qualified Diverse Suppliers as subcontractors/ Tier 2 vendors in Verizon procurements
  • Ensuring that those Diverse Suppliers are certified
  • Giving consideration to mentoring Diverse Suppliers
  • Partnering with Verizon to host workshops designed to educate and increase direct and/or multi-tier procurement opportunities for Diverse Suppliers


Our Prime Suppliers’ commitment to Diverse Supplier inclusion is what makes our multi-tier program so successful.

To report Tier Two Spend, you must first register at Verizon’s reporting portal.  Please click on this link: Tier 2 Reporting Registration to start the process.

Tier 2 Report Training is offered by Verizon.

Data is reported on a cumulative basis with quarterly reporting deadlines:

1st Quarter Input Due (October - December) - February 28
2nd Quarter input Due (October - March) - May 31
3rd Quarter input Due (October - June) - August 31
4th Quarter input Due (October - September) - November 30