Verizon Sizzle Reels

Verizon videos that may be used in presentations before external audiences.

Instructions on downloading a video:

  • Click on the “Download the video” link
  • A new browser window will open
  • Click the blue link ‘download video in browser” found on the right hand side of the page
  • Select from the green drop down arrow a resolution
  • Click on the green “download" button.
  • A pop up window will appear asking to save the file or pick an application to open the file in.
  • Save to computer for insertion in presentation

Intro copy - Tone-Setters


Consider using one of these at the start or end of your presentation:

Headline Color 
Brand Red

Delivering the Promise

Whatever the future looks like, whatever the digital world promises, Verizon will deliver.

Verizon Unexpected

An overaching video on our company.

Intro Copy - Network Superiority

Network Superiority
Headline Color 
Brand Red

Network Superiority

We believe a better network matters. That’s why we work continually to evolve next generation networks.

Intro copy - Areas of Growth

Areas of Growth
Headline Color 
Brand Red

IoT & Telematics

Verizon has become a major force in the Internet of Things marketplace and we’ve dramatically transformed our telematics capabilities.

Smart Cities - Smart Communities

Building a better connected community for all is what Verizon does best.