Welcome XO Customers

Two great leaders 
coming together 
for one purpose. 

Welcome XO customers

We’re excited to announce that Verizon’s acquisition of XO Communications, announced in February of 2016, closed on February 1, 2017.

This coming together of two technology leaders will allow us to make enhancements to our combined networks, accelerate the deployment of new technologies and expand the product portfolio we offer our customers.

What to expect

Today, it’s business as usual – nothing about your day-to-day relationship with XO Communications changes. Your points of contact at XO remain the same, as do the products you use and the way you access customer and technical support.

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Questions you may have

The pricing, terms and conditions of your contracts and agreements with XO also remain unchanged – Verizon and XO will continue to honor those terms.

As the integration process progresses, you will be notified of any changes to the teams you work with, the products you use, or the processes you follow. Our primary goal throughout this process is to make this integration as seamless as possible for our customers. Browse our FAQs below.

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About the acquisition

Why did Verizon acquire XO Communications fiber-optic network business?

Verizon’s acquisition of XO Communications will continue to strengthen our already best-in-class networks, expand our ability to reach more customers, and allow us to provide those customers with a growing suite of products and services. The additional fiber facilities will also help us continue to densify our 4G LTE wireless network, support the deployment of our 5G wireless technology, and expand our ability to reach more customers with fiber.

When was the acquisition final?

All state and federal regulatory agencies approved the acquisition and the transaction closed effective February 1, 2017. XO Communications will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Verizon while we begin the integration process. We expect that integration to be complete by the end of 2017.

What assets are included in the acquisition?

All of XO’s wireline assets are included in this acquisition.

Where are they located?

The XO assets are located across the United States.

How will this acquisition affect me as a customer?

Verizon’s acquisition of XO’s assets will have a number of benefits for our customers, including a stronger combined network, more combined resources to support our network and our customers’ products, and access to a growing suite of products and services.

Customer support

I like doing business with a smaller, locally based company. Will I become “just another number” to Verizon?

No. Verizon intends to continue to provide its customers, new and existing, with a high level of service and support. Whether you’re a small business customer or a larger enterprise customer, we’re committed to being a responsive and attentive business partner.

Will I continue to receive the same level of attention and service after the acquisition?

Absolutely. Both Verizon and XO are committed to ensuring this acquisition is seamless to our customers and to continuing to provide those customers with the same level of service and support they currently enjoy.

Now that the acquisition has closed, who should I work with? Do my contact people change? Do my care and support people change?

Our goal is to make this acquisition as seamless as possible for Verizon and XO customers. For now, your current customer service and technical support contacts, and any online tools you currently use, will remain the same. If there are any changes in the future, we will communicate those changes in a timely manner.

Can I continue to use XO’s customer portal to manage my account?

Yes, you will continue to use XO’s customer portal. We anticipate keeping XO’s customer portal open for a period of time after the transaction closes. Eventually, we will integrate all XO systems into Verizon’s. But for now, it’s business as usual.

How will systems for quoting, ordering, trouble management and other systems be managed?

At the close of the acquisition, nothing will change – we will continue to leverage XO’s systems to ensure we provide continuity of service to XO’s customers. As the full integration of XO into Verizon proceeds, we will review all systems and processes, and determine the most effective and efficient ways to manage them. Any changes to the ways you work with us will be communicated in advance.

Will my bills change? Where do I send my bill?

Your billing and payment processes will stay the same while Verizon and XO work together to integrate XO’s billing and payment systems into Verizon’s. Prior to completion of that integration, you will be notified of any new processes.

What happens with orders that were “in-flight” before the acquisition closes; will existing terms and conditions be honored?

All “in-flight” orders will be processed as they would have been before the close of the transaction.  Verizon will continue to honor the terms and conditions of all existing XO customer agreements.

Terms and conditions

Will the terms of our contract with XO change?

XO Communications will continue to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Verizon until we complete the integration. Today, nothing about your service or your current relationship with XO Communications will change. Verizon will continue to honor the terms of all existing XO customer contracts.

Will MSA terms and conditions continue to be honored?

Verizon will continue to honor the terms and conditions of all existing XO customer agreements.

Will existing NDAs remain in place and continue to be honored?

Verizon plans to honor all existing contractual obligations to XO customers, including NDAs.

Will there be an option to terminate agreements without incurring early termination fees when the acquisition is finalized?

All terms and conditions of existing XO customer agreements, including early termination fees, still apply.

I’m a customer of both VZ and XO – can I combine my contracts? Can I change my terms and conditions?

No. Your Verizon and XO contracts remain in full force and affect.

My contract is up for renewal prior to your planned integration date, who do I renegotiate with?

Please talk with your Verizon and/or XO respective salesperson that you were working with prior to the close for any discussions regarding your contract.

Products and services

What services and products that XO offers today will be supported by Verizon now that the deal has closed?

Nothing about your relationship with Verizon or XO, or the products and services you use, has changed. We will continue to support those products and services, and to honor the terms of existing XO contracts. As we proceed with the integration of XO into Verizon, we will assess our combined product offerings and may be able to offer you even better options than you currently have.

How will I be notified of product changes?

If and when your product availability changes, we will provide ample advance notification and work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition to your new products.

What happens with my XO product pricing? Will my rates change?

Verizon intends to honor the terms and conditions of XO customers’ existing contracts, including pricing.

We currently have Ethernet over copper service with XO – will Verizon continue to support EOC after the close?

Yes, Verizon intends to continue to support Ethernet over copper service.

What are Verizon and XO doing to ensure their respective networks and systems don’t crash during the cutover?

Verizon and XO are working together to successfully integrate our networks and systems. Those preparations include careful planning and testing prior to integration. Verizon and XO will closely monitor performance and respond quickly to developments as they arise.

Who do I contact if I experience an outage or service interruption after the cutover?

Any service issues should be reported using your normal trouble reporting processes.