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Stay connected with
family and friends.
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the latest innovations.

Service Center
We put together the world's most powerful technologies in ways that help you do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Home & Family
Get it all for your home and family life. Residential phone lines, long distance, Internet service, enhanced calling features, calling services packages, phones & accessories, and more.

It's the afforable, dedicated, ultra-fast Internet access service which allows you access to topics of interest and the best the Web has to offer.

Simple and affordable calling plans make you accessible to everyone from coast to coast. Join in.

It's your look-up hook-up, connecting buyers and sellers.

Customer Support
Looking for support? Get all the answers and information you need.

Your Verizon Bill
Need to check your bill? View it online.

Area Code Lookup
Need an area code? Verizon can help you find it.

Not all services available in all areas.



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