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Expert Care

Worried about computer,
phone or TV issues?
Fear not – Verizon can help!

Verizon Premium Technical Support


Your computer is driving you crazy! It's running slow and crashing on you at the worst times. It's got to make you worried- what if it completely freezes?
It's not a problem if you have Verizon's Premium Technical Support. Knowledgeable specialists are available 24/7 to help you with a variety of computer issues.





Knowledgeable specialists based in the U.S. are available via phone or chat 24x7 to assist you wherever, whenever with:

  • Computer crashes
  • Network issues
  • 3rd party email configuration
  • Computer viruses
  • Set up for products such as MP3 players, gaming consoles and digital cameras.
  • Connecting new equipment
  • Troubleshooting your operating system
  • Wireless networking for desktops, laptops and non-Verizon broadband routers
  • Comprehensive computer tune up
  • Port forwarding for Xbox, Playstation, etc.
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Why Choose Premium Technical Support?


This top-class, remote computer and technology assistance
brings you:

  • Fast and convenient service whenever you need it
  • Peace of mind knowing that every screen shot and key stroke our specialist make is recorded
  • Professional service provided by US-based IT certified technicians
  • First Call Resolution for extended technical support issues for Verizon customers.
Terms of Service
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