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SHOWTIME® STARZ® Entertainment Pack


Package Includes:

50% off for 12 months
Then just



Plus taxes and fees
FiOS TV service required


SHOWTIME® STARZ® Entertainment Pack

Finally-the complete entertainment package! With 62 channels, you can enjoy award-winning original series, hit blockbuster movies, action-packed sports and more-all interrupted and commercial-free with SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, THE MOVIE CHANNEL™, ENCORE® and FLIX®. You’ll get more quality programming On Demand, including the expanded SHOWTIME ON DEMAND® service and in stunning HD, plus, with SHOWTIME ANYTIME® you now have unlimited access to SHOWTIME anytime and everywhere, on your computer, iPAD®, iPhone® and Android™ devices – FREE with your SHOWTIME subscription.
Years of Living Dangerously

Acclaimed Original Series

The most talked about, most compelling, most ground-breaking shows are on SHOWTIME.® Don't miss the original series you won't find anywhere else, such as Homeland, Ray Donovan, and Masters of Sex..

Dark Skies

Hollywood Hit Movies

If you like movies, then you'll love SHOWTIME®. From explosive action thrillers to gripping dramas, SHOWTIME® is your ticket to hits like Lee Daniels' The Butler and David Beckham: Into the Unknown.

Action-Packed Sports: Championship Boxing

Action-Packed Sports

SHOWTIME is the ultimate destination for hard-hitting sports, with exclusive CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING events, Inside the NFL™, Jim Rome on SHOWTIME®, and 60 Minutes Sports.

Comedies and Realities: The Real L Word


With SHOWTIME ANYTIME® you get unlimited access to SHOWTIME® Series, Hit Movies, Sports and more whenever you want. Watch live or on-demand on your computer, tablet and mobile devices; FREE with your SHOWTIME® subscription!


Included Channels

  • 365 - Showtime®
  • 366 - Showtime West®
  • 367 - Showtime Showcase®
  • 368 - Showtime Showcase West®
  • 369 - Showtime 2®
  • 370 - Showtime 2 West®
  • 371 - Showtime Beyond®
  • 372 - Showtime Beyond West®
  • 373 - Showtime Extreme®
  • 374 - Showtime Extreme West®
  • 375 - Sho Women®
  • 376 - Sho Women West®
  • 377 - Sho Next®
  • 378 - Sho Next West®
  • 379 - Sho Family Zone®
  • 380 - Sho Family Zone West®
  • 390 - Flix®
  • 391 - Flix West®
  • 865 - Showtime HD®
  • 866 - Showtime HD West®
  • 867 - Showtime Showcase HD®
  • 868 - Showtime Showtime HD West®
  • 869 - Showtime HD®
  • 870 - Showtime 2 HD West ®
  • 873 - Showtime Extreme HD®
  • 874 - Showtime Extreme Extreme HD West®

Get total control of television's best with Showtime On Demand® and Showtime On Demand HD® – FREE with your subscription to The Showtime® STARZ® Entertainment Pack!

STARZ Original Series: Black Sails

STARZ Original Series

STARZ delivers broadly appealing, spectacular original series like Black Sails, Da Vinci's Demons and The White Queen Get STARZ and get entertained.


STARZ Hit Movies: Iron Man 3

STARZ Hit Movies

The biggest hit movies are on STARZ, including blockbusters, comedies, drama, and family-friendly movies from Disney and Pixar. With hundreds of movies a month in HD and On Demand, every night is movie night.

ENCORE: Lord of the Rings


Your favorite movies that you want to watch again and again are on ENCORE. With ENCORE Classic, ENCORE Suspense, ENCORE Action, ENCORE Black, ENCORE Espanoland ENCORE Westerns, you’re sure to find a movie that fits your mood.

IndiePlex & RetroPlex: Get Shorty

IndiePlex & RetroPlex

STARZ Play gives you access to great original series and movies whenever and wherever you want. Free with your subscription


Included Channels

  • 340 - STARZ
  • 341 - STARZ West
  • 342 - STARZ Edge
  • 343 - STARZ Edge West
  • 344 - STARZ in Black
  • 345 - STARZ Kids & Family
  • 346 - STARZ Cinema
  • 347 - STARZ Comedy
  • 348 - Indieplex
  • 349 - Retroplex
  • 350 - ENCORE
  • 351 - ENCORE West
  • 352 - ENCORE Love
  • 353 - ENCORE Love West
  • 354 - ENCORE Westerns
  • 355 - ENCORE Westerns West
  • 356 - ENCORE Suspense
  • 357 - ENCORE Suspense West
  • 358 - ENCORE Drama
  • 359 - ENCORE Drama West
  • 360 - ENCORE Action
  • 361 - ENCORE Action West
  • 362 - ENCORE Family
  • 363 - ENCORE Espanol
  • 840 - STARZ HDTV
  • 842 - STARZ Edge HD
  • 845 - STARZ Kids & Family HD
  • 847 - STARZ Comedy HD
  • 850 - ENCORE HD

Watch Movies and Series on your schedule with STARZ on Demand, STARZ HD on Demand, ENCORE on Demand and ENCORE HD on Demand.

 Ain’t Them Bodies Saint

Movies for Movie Lovers

If you've got a passion for movies, THE MOVIE CHANNEL is your one-stop, commercial-free movie destination, with outrageous comedies, heart-stopping dramas, explosive action hits and more.


Included Channels

  • 386 - THE MOVIE CHANNEL™ West
  • 387 - THE MOVIE CHANNELXtra™
  • 388 - THE MOVIE CHANNELXtra™ West

Plus, you'll get THE MOVIE CHANNEL ON DEMAND™ and THE MOVIE CHANNEL ON DEMAND HD™ for the ultimate home theater experience, on your schedule.


Add the SHOWTIME® STARZ® Entertainment Pack to your FiOS TV service

The more premium channels you add, the more you save!
SHOWTIME | starz Entertainment Pack

62 Premium Channels including SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, THE MOVIE CHANNEL™, ENCORE® and FLIX®. Includes Premium HD channels and On Demand channels – for the ultimate in home theater entertainment

50% off for 12 months
Then just

Plus taxes and fees.

HBO + cinemax + SHOWTIME | starz Entertainment Pack

HBO, Cinemax plus 65 premium movie channels including SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, ENCORE®, THE MOVIE CHANNEL™, EPIX® and FLIX®.

50% off for 12 months
Then just

Plus taxes and fees.


Don't have FiOS TV?

Hundreds of channels. Unbeatable picture quality. And the largest 100% fiber-optic network in America. Plus, you can watch select networks in HD on the web. Get crystal clear fiber at home, and HD viewing on the road.


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