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FiOS Digital Voice

Connect your way because
priorities come first

Keeping up gets incredibly easier
with FiOS. Intelligent calling features
that can be managed online put
you back in control. So you have
more time to focus on what's in
front of you.

FiOS Digital Voice Home Phone Plans

Unlimited domestic residential calling and low international calling rates.

Domestic Residential Plans

Think of everyone you know across the
U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico – even the U.S.
Virgin Islands. Now imagine calling them
as often as you'd like.

International Calling Plans

With package deals and low rates to individual
countries,you won't need deep pockets
to stay in touch with friends and family when
they're overseas.

Plans Price

FiOS Digital Voice Unlimited Plan
Includes unlimited local, regional and long distance calling across the U.S. and to Canada and Puerto Rico - plus 20 popular calling features.

$ 44.99 /month

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FiOS Digital Voice Per Minute Plan
Outbound calls cost $0.05 per minute to destinations in the U.S. and to Canada and Puerto Rico.

$ 14.99 /month

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FiOS Triple Play

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Here's what you get with
FiOS Digital Voice

  • Crystal clear voice communication
  • Over 20 advanced calling features
  • Privacy features to protect your number and block unwanted calls
  • An online Account Manager to easily turn features on and off
  • Unlimited domestic residential calling
  • Low international calling rates

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FiOS available in select areas only. Plans include residential direct-dialed domestic calls only. Additional charges, taxes and other terms and conditions apply. Offer subject to credit approval and may require a deposit.

Per-minute rate for 500-minute plan when customer also has Verizon Freedom or FiOS Digital Voice. Assumes full usage of plan minutes.

Many foreign telecommunications companies impose premium fees on Verizon Long Distance to complete international calls to certain types of devices or services. These include calls made to wireless phones, pagers, personal computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs); calls that require satellite technology; and calls to information services, such as chat lines or other 900-type numbers.  If you make an international call to one of these devices or services, the call will be billed at a higher (“premium”) rate than the standard rate for other international calls. Premium fees are added to the standard rate and will be charged regardless of which international calling plan you subscribe to. If you do not select an international calling plan, these surcharges are added to Basic international rates. Devices and services that are billed premium fees are subject to change without advanced notice.

Where applicable, battery backup will power basic voice services (including 911/emergency calls) but will not power Internet, TV service, cordless handsets or telephone equipment. Without backup power, you would need to use an alternative like a cell phone to make or receive calls during a power outage. You are responsible for maintaining fully- charged battery/batteries in any backup power device.