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Brilliant clarity, reliability and
20 plus features. 

The features you want. The control you need.

As a fully integrated part of Verizon's 100% fiber-optic network, FiOS Digital
Voice gives you HD-like sound quality along with rock-solid reliability. It also
gives you more than 20 advanced features that give you unprecedented control
of the way you make and receive calls.

We make it easy.

All that power is simple to control. Our Online Account Manager
works from any computer with an Internet connection-so you can
easily set your preferences, turn features on and off, and keep an
eye on all your recent calling activity.

Make the most of the network.

Make calls while you surf the Internet. Listen to Voice Mail
while you download files. Watch TV while you Tweet. With
Verizon’s fiber-optic network, you have the power you need
to click, watch and talk wherever you want, whenever you want.

Already using FiOS?

If you already have FiOS Internet or FiOS TV, first check to see
if FiOS Digital Voice is also available in your area. If it is, you
can bundle it for one low price. Then just plug in a standard
corded or cordless phone and you're good to go.

Can I Add Voice?

New to FiOS?

If you don't currently have FiOS TV or Internet service, first check to see which FiOS services are available at your location. Once you've ordered a FIOS bundle with FiOS Digital Voice, we'll contact you to schedule a visit by a Verizon professional, who will do all necessary FiOS installation work.

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Here's what you get with
FiOS Digital Voice

  • Crystal clear voice communication
  • Over 20 advanced calling features
  • Privacy features to protect your number and block unwanted calls
  • An online Account Manager to easily turn features on and off
  • Unlimited domestic residential calling
  • Low international calling rates

Next: See if FiOS Digital Voice is available in your area.

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Or call 1-888-781-5510 to order by phone (online offers will not apply).


Where applicable, battery backup will power basic voice services (including 911/emergency calls) but will not power Internet, TV service, cordless handsets or telephone equipment. Without backup power, you would need to use an alternative like a cell phone to make or receive calls during a power outage. You are responsible for maintaining fully- charged battery/batteries in any backup power device.  


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