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Young woman chatting on the telephone
Standard Phone

Reach out your way.
Near or far.

Calling across the globe or around
the corner, you can count on a
clear connection. Thanks to the
most reliable network around.  

International Calling

If you do not choose an international plan when you sign up for a domestic long distance plan, you will be charged basic international flat rates, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all of your direct-dialed international calls.

Our World Plans offer rates as low as 3c/minute*, and can cover calls to both wireline and wireless** phones.

Special Offer: When you order a High Speed Internet Bundle or Freedom Voice without a bundle, you will receive $5 off the monthly price for 2 years when you order online.

Plus, if you subscribe to both a Freedom plan and a Verizon World Plan, you can receive a $4.99 monthly discount off the international plan. Learn more

Plans Price

Verizon World Plan 500
Buy in bulk to get lower rates. Convenient 500-minute plan for direct-dialed calling to wireline and wireless phones registered in more than 100 countries and other international destinations. Additional minutes and countries available at discounted per-minute rates.

$ 19.99 /month

Order Now

Verizon World Plan 300
Buy in bulk to get lower rates. Convenient 300-minute plan for direct-dialed calling to wireline and wireless phones registered in more than 100 countries and other international destinations. Additional minutes and countries available at discounted per-minute rates. 

$ 14.99 /month

Order Now

International Choice Plan with City Rates
Our best rates to over 250 countries and 55 international cities. Includes city-specific pricing for even more savings.

$ 4.99 /month

Order Now

Call Around the World and Save

International Calling Plans Rate Per Minute~

See calling rates for a country

Globe with Australia, China, Canada and India marked for international calling.

~ Rate per minute for City Rates Plan, for calls in excess of World Plan allotment of minutes, or calls to countries not covered by a World Plan. Rates for individual cities do not apply to World Plans.

Verizon Triple Play

Best Price Online

Large blue TV, computer and home phone
Your location: VA (change)

Here's what you get with
Standard Phone

  • 99.9% network reliability
  • Calling that works during emergencies and power outages
  • Conversations that are free from crackling and distortion
  • Minutes that don't have to be counted when you have unlimited calling
  • A variety of features that fit your calling needs
  • Low international calling rates

Ready to buy? Check Availability now to get our special offer.
Or, call 1-888-591-6076 -- online offers do not apply.

Product Guides and Tariffs

*Per-minute rate for 500 -minute plan when customer also has Verizon Freedom or FiOS Digital Voice. Assumes full usage of plan minutes.

**Calls to wireless phones in the specified 103 countries and other international destinations and within plan allotment of minutes are included. Calls to wireless phones made after the plan allotment of minutes incur a premium termination charge.

Charges for direct-dialed international calls will vary depending on call destination and calling plan. Prices do not include taxes and surcharges such as Universal Fees. If your local phone company assesses a switching fee when you switch to Verizon Long Distance, we will reimburse you to offset the switching charge. Verizon Long Distance offers international service only to customers who also purchase domestic long distance services from the company.

Verizon International Plans are for residential voice use and may not be used for commercial purposes. Verizon may suspend, restrict or cancel your service if your usage is inconsistent with residential voice usage.

Many foreign telecommunications companies impose premium fees on Verizon Long Distance to complete international calls to certain types of devices or services. These include calls made to wireless phones, pagers, personal computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs); calls that require satellite technology; and calls to information services, such as chat lines or other 900-type numbers.  If you make an international call to one of these devices or services, the call will be billed at a higher (“premium”) rate than the standard rate for other international calls. Premium fees are added to the standard rate and will be charged regardless of which international calling plan you subscribe to. If you do not select an international calling plan, these surcharges are added to Basic international rates. Devices and services that are billed premium fees are subject to change without advanced notice. 


My Verizon

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