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Obtain National Directory Assistance listings (NDA) for phone numbers outside your local calling area by dialing 1-AREA CODE-555-1212.  Local Directory Assistance is obtained by dialing  “411.”

  • Directory Assistance is available in English, Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese.
  • Directory Assistance Listing and call Completion charges vary by location.
  • No per minute long distance usage charges associated with dialing 1-Area Code-555-1212 for your home.

Directory Assistance refers to a customer originated Long Distance Directory Assistance call placed to 1-AREA CODE-555-1212, where the Area Code dialed is not within the customer's local calling area.

When a customer uses Directory Assistance and selects the call completion option, the following will appear on the customer's invoice:
  • Directory Assistance charge for retrieval of number.
  • Cost of Call, which includes usage and Call Completion surcharge.  The cost of the call is determined by call type, duration, and calling plan.

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