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Employees of Verizon and its eligible affiliates, and qualified Verizon retirees, may be eligible for the following promotions.


Fios Ultimate Employee Offer.

Fios Ultimate Employee Offer.


The Ultimate Employee Triple Play for $99.99/mo.


Fios Internet

Includes the fastest UEO speed available at your address—up to the Fios Gigabit Connection.

Fios TV Ultimate HD

435+ channels, including SHOWTIME®, Cinemax® and NFL RedZone.

Home Phone

And your $99 setup charge is waived via Online ordering.

Taxes, fees and surcharges apply, including those applicable to Fios TV.

Want more choices? See other internet tiers starting at just $79.99.

For current UEO customers, the upgrade charge will be waived when moving to higher Internet tiers.

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Fios Multi-Room DVR (MRDVR) Service 50% offer


Ultimate Employee Offer (UEO) customers who select MRDVR Service, featuring our next-generation set top box technology receive:

Waiver of $49.99 Upgrade Charge for existing UEO customers moving to MRDVR Service; new UEO customers who opt for MRDVR Service are not assessed an Upgrade Charge.

50% discount off of the MRDVR Enhanced Service (100 hours of HD recording; six recording streams) monthly recurring charge of $20;


50% off of the MRDVR Premium Service (200 hours of HD recording and 12 recordings streams) monthly recurring charge of $30.

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HSI Ultimate Employee Offer


Double Play HSI Bundles:

$5 off per month on eligible Double Play HSI Bundle: Freedom Value or Freedom Essentials voice service + HSI

Standalone HSI service (must have voice service): $5 off eligible service per month. HSI service without a voice line is not subject to an employee promotion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible to receive the Ultimate Employee Offer?
  • I am an active Verizon employee. How do I get the offer?
  • I am already on the Ultimate Employee Offer and want to make changes, for example, upgrading my Fios Internet tier?
  • I am already on the UEO. Is there a charge to upgrade to a higher Internet tier?
  • When I upgrade to 300/300 Mbps or Gigabit Connection within my current UEO, will I need to switch my voice product to Fios Digital Voice?
  • What is Fios Digital Voice?
  • Can I enroll in the Ultimate Employee Program by phone?
  • For how long is the promotion valid?
  • I am currently eligible for and have voice concession service. What are my options?
  • I am an eligible Verizon Retiree. How do I get the offer?
  • Go to www.verizon.com/benefitsconnection and log in using the same login ID and password you use to manage your other Verizon retiree benefits. After logging into the site, use the navigation menu at the top of the page to go to Your Profile, then Personal Information and then click on the link to "Get Free Fios TV".

    You'll enter your email address and your state of residence. Your last name will be filled in already.

    After you submit the above information, you'll receive an email from Verizon_Notification@verizon.com at your email address with a special link to click on to sign up for the Ultimate Employee Program. The link is good for 30 days and you must enter the site through the link in the email. You should receive the email within 10 minutes after you submit your information. If you haven't received it, check your junk email folder.

    When you receive your email, click the link to review your options and to sign up for the UEO online.

    For existing customers: Enter your Verizon home phone number. If you do not have a Verizon phone number but have other Verizon services, check the box below the phone number entry. We will check your current services to see if you already have qualifying services or if you need to modify the services on your account.

    • If you are in a Fios eligible area, we'll show you the Fios Ultimate Employee offer bundle(s) available to receive the offer. If you are in a HSI eligible area, we'll show you the available Ultimate Employee Offers.
    • To proceed with viewing and adding the Fios Ultimate Employee offer bundle or qualifying HSI services you will need your MyVerizon.com User ID and password to access your account. If you do not know your User ID and password, you'll need your current Verizon phone bill to register on the site. Please note: online enrollment is the only option for the Ultimate Employee program.
    • If you forget your password, you will be routed outside the retiree offer flow to create a new one. After completing this password reset, you will need to return to the Verizon Connections website by clicking on the link in the email you received to complete your enrollment. We suggest having your username and password before starting the Ultimate Employee enrollment process.

    For new customers: You will need to enter your address.

    • Select continue and you'll be directed to our order site.
    • You will be able to view your bundle options and order new services. Our click-to-chat reps are available on that site to assist with any questions you may have. The Ultimate Employee Program promotion will be shown on the selection page and will be detailed in your cart at the end of the order process.
  • Is the promotion only available to employees/retirees that subscribe to new services?
  • After I register on the Verizon Connections site, how long will it take to get an email back to my email address?
  • Generally you should see the email from Verizon_Notification@verizon.com within 10 minutes. If you don't see the email, check your spam or junk email folder.

  • I followed the link in the email I received and signed into my account to get the Offer, but I'm not seeing the special pricing displayed. What's wrong?
  • If you start the process with browser windows or tabs already open, the system may not log into your account properly when trying to add the offer. Close ALL open Web Browser windows and tabs then click on the link you were emailed and try again.

  • I have a Verizon Wireless bundle with the other three Fios services. Can I get the Ultimate Employee Bundle?
  • Can the promotion be combined with other promotions or offers that I am currently receiving or that are available to the general public?
  • Where is the Ultimate Employee Program available?
  • How will my promotion show up on my bill?
  • The monthly promotion(s) will appear in the Specials and Promotions section of your Verizon phone bill.

  • I'm currently in the middle of a contract term. Will I incur an Early Termination Fee (ETF) if I change my bundle to sign up for the Ultimate Employee Offer?
  • When you change to the Fios Ultimate Employee Bundle, any applicable ETF on your current Verizon services will be waived.

  • I just ordered service last week; can I still get the promotion?
  • Yes. After your service is activated, follow the directions for registering above, register on the site and if you have the qualifying components we'll add the promotion onto your account. However, if you do not have the qualifying components, you may be required to make a change to your service or bundle to qualify for the promotion.

  • Will I be credit screened for this offer? Who will be credit screened?
  • I have voice service with another company. Can I port-in my service to Verizon and keep my existing telephone number?
  • If you have existing Internet and/or TV with Verizon and want to port-in your telephone number, you will need to call 1-800-Verizon (1-800-837-4966) first to complete the port-in and subscribe to the qualifying Fios or HSI bundle. Then after your order completes (generally 24-48 hours after submission), follow the instructions mentioned above, as appropriate, to enroll in the Ultimate Employee Program.

  • I have questions about the program that aren't addressed in these FAQs. Who can I contact?

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