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There is no shortage of choices when it comes to finding a broadband Internet provider. But not all providers are the same. Cut through the clutter and explore Verizon’s FiOS and High Speed Internet networks – two great options from one trusted name. Knowing the right things to consider during your evaluation of broadband internet providers shouldn’t be confusing.
Fiber Optic or DSL?
FiOS Internet
For unsurpassed performance and reliability, a 100% fiber-optic network makes all the difference. FiOS provides incredible speed, reliability and consistency – ideal for users that:

  • Connect multiple devices to the Internet, all at the same time
  • Download lots of large files, like full-length movies
  • Play real-time, online games
  • Upload and share photos on social networks

HSI (High Speed Internet) Network
Using existing technology, Verizon’s HSI network delivers fast online access with 99.9% reliability. It’s the best value in broadband with quick downloads for users who love movies, music and more.

Proven Performance
It’s one thing to claim consistent service and another to prove it. FCC tests show that FiOS Internet provides more consistent speed than cable Internet.* As PC Mag says, “If you’re fortunate to live in a region where Verizon FiOS is available, get it!”**

Connections that Come Full Circle
Make your Internet connection really work for you – add TV and Digital Voice to create a FiOS bundle or put together a High Speed Internet Double or Triple Play. There’s a package that fits your life and your budget. Choosing a broadband Internet provider shouldn’t be a chore. Explore FiOS and HSI services, find the right fit for your needs, and access the Internet that is a network ahead.
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Elevate your home entertainment experience with the fiber-optic edge.

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*Measuring Broadband America, FCC Report released Feb. 2013

**Source: Reprinted from with permission. © 2013 Ziff Davis, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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