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Internet: High Speed and Heroic

That’s the Verizon FiOS Edge

Browsing the Web. Gaming in real-time. Posting on social networks. No matter how you use the Internet, high-speed technology is the key to delivering an outstanding online experience.
Faster Than a Rocket
Feel like a superhero, soaring on a virtually unstoppable Internet connection. FiOS Internet lets you download movies and music in a flash. Uploads are faster, too. For unsurpassed performance and reliability, a 100% fiber-optic network makes all the difference. Can your Internet keep up?

Able to Handle Bandwidth in a Single Bound
Your house is full of computers, TVs, gaming consoles and mobile devices. But using them at the same time can bog down your connection. FiOS Internet has the speed and bandwidth you need to combat sluggish performance and keep your home network flying high.

Bundles That Save the Day
Do more with your Internet: high-speed fiber optics give super powers to TV and Digital Voice, too. Bundled all together, FiOS Triple Plays save the day with great pricing and flexible terms.

From sea to shining sea, FiOS is America’s fastest*, most consistent and most reliable Internet. Bring it home and put super-speed to work for you.
Movie displayed on computer and tablet using internet at high speed.

Elevate your home entertainment experience with the fiber-optic edge.

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* Source: Reprinted from with permission. © 2013 Ziff Davis, Inc. All Rights Reserved.



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