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Internet Security Suite

Online Protection for What Matters Most

Locking your front door is second nature. Protecting your computer and your family online should be, too. Put safety first with Verizon’s Internet Security Suite, a perfect companion to FiOS Internet.
Stop Them in Their Tracks
Online threats wear many disguises as they try to capture your sensitive data. Malware, viruses, hackers, age-inappropriate content – all are just clicks away from corrupting your computer or your kids. Packed with features for your PC or Mac, Verizon’s Internet Security Suite scans, filters and stops these threats in their tracks.

Back up Data to the Cloud
Losing files, photos, movies and music to a blown hard drive is devastating. Even external back up disks can get misplaced, maxed out or destroyed. Help remove the risk and back up your important data to the cloud.Then share it if you like. Your secure site makes it easy for friends and family to access your files, anytime and anywhere.

Fast and Safe the FiOS Way
FiOS Internet is the fastest,* most consistent and most reliable Internet. Add Verizon’s Internet Security Suite to a cost-effective FiOS bundle and get the speed you need to activate security programs and download their updates.

Live well, work hard and put in place safety measures to help protect your data and your family. FiOS Internet makes it simple – and second-nature.
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Elevate your home entertainment experience with the fiber-optic edge.

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* Source: Reprinted from with permission. © 2013 Ziff Davis, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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