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Use our interactive comparison tool to discover for yourself why FiOS Quantum Internet rocks the competition. No wonder PC magazine hails FiOS as “the king of Internet Service Providers.”*


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What makes FiOS a standout:

Fastest Internet::
With the fastest speeds*, no network is better equipped than FiOS to support multiple devices and users simultaneously.

According to FCC tests, FiOS provides more consistent Internet speeds than cable, and more speed than customers pay for regardless of the time of day. 1

100% Fiber Optics: :
Even though some broadband internet service providers use fiber optics in addition to coaxial cable, Verizon FiOS is the only major network that delivers ultra-fast Internet on 100% fiber optics straight to your home.

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Why your Internet Service Provider speed matters:

Powering Multiple Devices
The more Internet devices you use at one time, the greater the drain on your connection. FiOS Quantum Internet has the extra speed you need to stay            fast.

Faster Downloads and Streaming
FiOS Quantum Internet connection means faster downloads of movies and TV. Cable “boosts” only work on a small portion of large files – less than 1%            of a 5G HD movie download.

Virtually Lag-free Gaming
With radically faster speeds, gaming on FiOS is virtually lag-free. No more hiccups or breaks in the action.

Uploads in a Flash
People often think of Internet as download-only. But if you like to post pictures or videos, you’ll love the lightning-fast upload speed of FiOS.

100% Fiber Optics
Fiber optics offer a smoother, more reliable connection. With FiOS, enjoy ultra-fast Internet on 100% fiber optics, delivered straight to your home.

              Learn about Broadband Internet or compare FiOS to cable TV service.

Make the Switch from Cable

If you live in an area where FiOS is available, your home may already be wired with fiber optics. If not, we'll schedule a date for the installation and get you set up on a day that works for you.
Get unhooked from cable and experience TV like never before!

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* Reprinted from with permission. © 2012 Ziff Davis, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

1 Source: Measuring Broadband America, FCC Report released July 2012.


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