Corporate Governance

Verizon's governance principles are built on our core values of integrity and respect. The Board of Directors is charged with the general oversight of Verizon's officers and employees to ensure that they perform in the long term best interests of our shareholders. Verizon has a strong, active and independent Board comprised of Directors with the professional experience and expertise to oversee as well as challenge management. The Board's role and guiding principles have been summarized in its Corporate Governance Guidelines.

Our strong commitment to outstanding corporate governance doesn't stop with the Board of Directors. It is reinforced with our employees worldwide through a rigorous and comprehensive Code of Conduct that supports Verizon's commitment to the highest standards of business conduct. We train our employees and require certification that they understand their responsibilities to abide by the standards in the Code. We operate a confidential ethics 800 number that employees can use, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ask questions, seek clarification, or report alleged misconduct or violations of our Code. We have also established Standards of Conduct for our suppliers to ensure they are aware of Verizon's expectation that they will conduct their businesses in accordance with our standards of integrity and respect.

Simply put, our goal is to operate our business with the highest level of integrity, responsibility and accountability and to continue to build on the trust that we have earned over the years.

Financial Reporting

At Verizon, we are committed to integrity and transparency in our financial reporting. We have a rigorous and thorough review process that involves a comprehensive system of checks and balances in the preparation, review and certification of our financial information. Our financial results follow generally accepted accounting principles and accurately and fairly present the financial condition of the company.

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Lowell C. McAdam
Chairman and CEO