You can access many services and forms related to your Verizon Direct Invest account directly from the Computershare website. If you have questions or require assistance, please call our plan agent, Computershare at (800) 631-2355.

Dividend Reinvest and Direct Deposit of Dividends

Your Verizon dividends can be reinvested automatically or directly deposited in either your checking or savings account on dividend payment dates. Direct deposit is a fast and efficient means of depositing dividends and safeguarding against lost checks or mail delays. Simply login to your account and set up either dividend reinvestment or direct deposit on the My Details tab. To login to access your account.


To access forms for stock transfers from your Verizon account, please click here.

eCommunications with eTree®

In an effort to conserve natural resources, Verizon Communications is proud to offer shareowners an opportunity to be environmentally responsible. You can receive secure links to annual meeting materials, Direct Invest statements and 1099 dividend forms to access them online. This helps Verizon reduce the amount of materials we print and mail. Sign up with eTree today.