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Install, test, and turn-up electronic and/or electromechanical switching equipment, common control electronics, switching networks, input and output devices, carrier, and microwave equipment in central offices or on customer premises. Utilize logic drawings, computer listings, floor plan sketches, wiring diagrams, hand tools and test equipment, i.e., dual trace oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, toll and local testboards, special test sets, simulators, voltmeters and ohmmeters to complete installation, turn-up and test procedures. Perform such work under minimum supervision.


Duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

A. Loading and unloading equipment from trucks.

B. Assemble and erect electronic and/or electromechanical equipment frames.

C. Wire and cross-connect electronic and/or electromechanical circuits from engineering drawings.

D. Construct power plants and distribution boards to supply central office and PABX equipment.

E. Load and test common control and switching networks.

F. Load operating systems' software and perform internal diagnostic tests and audit tests to validate system database.

G. Troubleshoot call-processing database to validate line and truck switching capabilities.

H. Use input and output message manuals and trouble dictionaries to decode and clear trouble printout conditions.

I. Install PABX and various truck transmission equipment on public and privately owned facilities.

J. Install and test intra-office cable and wiring.

K. May be required to perform additional duties and tasks as required by the Company.


Tests – Results obtained in standard tests for this position must meet minimum requirements established by the Company, in accordance with Company policy.

Must possess, at time of appointment, a valid California class “C" driver’s license, and if required at the assigned job site, must demonstrate proficiency in the operation of a vehicle equipped with standard (manual shift) transmission.

Legally required Criminal Records Check - Employee will be required to be fingerprinted and pass the Department of Justice criminal records screening process in order to ensure that the employee has never been convicted of, and is not the defendant in a pending criminal proceeding with respect to an arrest for, any "serious" or "violent" felony (as defined in the California Education and Penal Codes). The Department of Justice will continuously monitor the employee's criminal record while the employee is employed in this position, and the employee shall be required to pass such continuous screening in order to retain this position.

Must possess the ability to perceive difference in colors.

Must possess the ability to distinguish audible tones/levels.

Salary Information
Hourly Rate: $15.58 - $35.38

Additional Information

Hands-on experience with Transport equipment such as Flashwave 9500, 4500 and 4100ES platforms including Tellabs 7100 ROADM and Adtran Opti-3/6100 equipment is preferred.

 This position may require night/weekend shifts as needed. Overtime as needed and approved.

 This position involves some traveling.  

Test(s) Required
Verizon Job Fit Test B
Technician Knowledge Test C
Structured Interview SI

Test Preview
Test Previews

Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Verizon is a Federal Contractor
  • Verizon requests veteran priority referrals
  • Verizon is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer M/F/Disability/Vet.

Job ID: 358524