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Network Engineer

Network Engineer| Network | Charlotte, NC, USA

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The primary job responsibilities include developing and managing effective processes for a wireless network team.  Design, develop, test, and evaluate integrated systems and processes including human work factors, quality control, inventory control, logistics, material flow, cost analysis, project management and engineering tools.

Summary of essential job functions

Apply statistical methods and perform mathematical calculations to determine processes, staff requirements, and engineering standards.

Improve quality control objectives to ensure a positive customer impact is created by all capital projects

Communicate with management and user personnel to develop engineering project and design standards.

Estimate project cost and effect of network design changes for management review, action, and control.

Analyze statistical data and project specifications to determine standards and establish quality and reliability objectives of finished projects.

Develop implementation methods, labor utilization standards, and cost analysis systems to promote efficient staff and facility utilization.

Recommend methods for improving utilization of personnel, material, and utilities.

Plan and establish work flow sequences for engineering projects to promote efficient use of materials, cost and personnel.


Bachelor of Science in Industrial and/or Systems Engineering preferred

2 to 3 years of workflow management design

Knowledge of Lean Six Sigma principles

Preferred 2-3 years of wireless communication experience

Equal Employment Opportunity

We are an equal opportunity employer m/f/d/v.

Job ID: 340859